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Thirty-day ban for sharing a mainstream news story about marijuana

Thirty-day ban for sharing a mainstream news story about marijuana

Cannabis journalist Steve Elliott on Saturday was banned by Facebook from posting, Liking or commenting for 30 days — for posting the link to a mainstream news story that had been shared by 1,400 other users of the social media site.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 16.13.48“I’d been banned twice before merely for reporting marijuana prices, which has been my job now since 2009,” said Elliott, who has done cannabis reporting for the SF Weekly, Seattle Weekly, Northwest Leaf, Hemp News, Toke Signals, Toke of the Town, and DOPE Magazine.

“I thought I’d discovered where the ‘bright line’ was, because the first two times, actual prices were in my Facebook post,” Elliott said. “But that doesn’t apply this time, because all I posted was a link to the mainstream news story, noting that I’d gotten banned from Facebook for reporting the same thing in the past.” Read Full Article →

With 20 co-sponsors for I-1372 so far, the word about the initiative — aimed at protecting medical marijuana patients in Washington state — is spreading like wildfire on Facebook and social media.

“The week before the signing of SB 5052, word about I-1372 began spreading quickly,” said sponsor Kirk Ludden. “With Governor Inslee signing SB 5052, he may have just pushed the People to qualify I-1372 and be the champions for patients once again in this state. If this happens, I-1372 will supersede SB 5052 and the medical cannabis community will have a fair and transparent board to regulate the market.”

As more volunteers gather signatures, a concern by some voters are that the information will be used to create a database. Kirk’s reply, “I’m the one who receives all petitions, and only check for a printed name and signature. I have no time, nor desire to create a database.” Read Full Article →

Scenes like this won't occur in Seattle again, if the Liquor and Cannabis Board has its way [Audrey King/Northwest Leaf]

Scenes like this — from the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup — can’t legally occur in Seattle anymore under “legalization”
[Audrey King/Northwest Leaf]

Hear that massive sucking sound? That’s the sound of all Washington’s promised “cannabis tourism” dollars going south to Oregon.

You know the windfall that was promised to Washington state voters if they approved Initiative 502, the anemic, problem-plagued marijuana “legalization” initiative that has become a nationwide laughingstock? Well, I-502 has become, in effect, a bad example of how NOT to do legalization, even as Colorado and Oregon laugh all the way to the bank.

Welcome to Washington state’s dumb-ass brand of “legalization”… Where in reality we are slipping BACKWARDS from the progress we achieved with medical marijuana, to restrictive new “recreational” rules that forbid on-site consumption. When greedy 502 merchants got these rules passed to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries, they cut off their noses to spite their faces… and most are too clueless to recognize this, even now.

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By Donna Lambert

I believe that human beings should have more rights than corporations.

The current direction of the marijuana movement is corruption and greed.

Create a two-tiered restrictive permitting pot monopoly that creates criminals out of everybody except a very small group of politically connected insiders who are able to pay off politicians to write up restrictive legislation that creates criminals out of almost every single human being except themselves.

Keep the artificially high prices of Prohibition for this select small group of corrupt, greedy self-interested people.
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Corvain Cooper, left, with fellow marijuana lifer Paul Free, who was our Cannabis POW of the Month for March.

Corvain Cooper, left, with fellow marijuana lifer Paul Free, who was our Cannabis POW of the Month for March.

By Cheri Sicard
Cannabis Cheri

Most people in the United States are unaware we have people in this country serving sentences of LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE for nonviolent marijuana offenses. Out of the small minority who are aware, most think this an outdated practice that never happens anymore. They’re wrong.

While most of the marijuana lifers we know of are senior citizens who have been incarcerated for decades, the practice of handing out life sentences for nonviolent marijuana “crimes” continues. Corvain Cooper, the newest marijuana lifer the CAN-DO Foundation (www.candoclemency.com) has identified, received a sentence of life without possibility of parole in 2014!

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