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Cheryl Shuman's coming to Florida... but does Florida want her?

Look out, Florida… Cheryl Shuman’s coming


Irvin Rosenfeld:
“We cannot align ourselves with Cheryl Shuman – period”

‘Florida does not need Cheryl Shuman to come into this state.’
~ Irv Rosenfeld

Cheryl Shuman, the self-styled “Martha Stewart of marijuana” who runs the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and reportedly sells $750 ounces, has announced she’s starting a marijuana super PAC (political action committee) to join the campaign medical marijuana in Florida. But some leaders of the Sunshine State’s medical marijuana community, including federal patient Irvin Rosenfeld, are less than enthusiastic to have her “help.”

Shuman bragged to Broward Palm Beach New Times reporter Allie Conti about her star-studded Beverly Hills clientele, including “celebrities like Justin Timberlake,” and other clients who are “people who cannot go to dispensaries or be exposed as a pothead,” Shuman claimed (and here we were thinking they were medical marijuana patients, but what do we know).

The Beverly Hills blond is ambitious; in fact, she says she wants her company to become the Mercedes of marijuana, and she sees passage of Florida’s Amendment 2 as one step toward her goal. But does she care about patients, and the other activists who are fighting for safe access? That may be a different matter entirely.

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With the increasing popularity of LED grow lights, manufacturers and distributors are innovating new ways to capture your attention. They like to lace genuine science with a healthy dose of marketing hype in hopes that you pause just long enough for them to dazzle you with the latest hyperbole. There are so many terms being thrown around, it can be difficult to dissect reality from marketing hype.

One of the common ways they try to get your attention is by talking about the light wavelength and spectrum used by their LED grow lights.

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Who’s The Pusher Now?

Ever wished someone would write a catchy song pointing out the hypocrisy of laws that prohibit a natural, non-toxic herb while allowing the distribution of deadly, toxic, addictive drugs like OxyContin, Fentanyl and Dilaudid? Wish no more; there’s a song that does exactly that.

Ellen Bukstel has released a music video which decimates the Drug War.

Ellen Bukstel has released a music video which decimates the Drug War.

Singer-songwriter Ellen Bukstel has released a music video for the song “Who’s The Pusher Now?” which, in a very clever and entertaining way, deconstructs and destroys the hypocrisy of America’s Drug War.

Cleverly rhyming the names of FDA-approved drugs (“Methadone, Fentanyl, Halcion, Phenobarbitol / Percocet, Thorazine, Opiates, Amphetamine”) to make its biting points, the tune chronicles the United States’ foolish history of supporting the proliferation of severely addictive and deadly drugs, while punishing those who possess and use cannabis, still a Schedule I drug federally despite medical marijuana laws in many states.

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Chris Williams [Cannabis Wire]

Chris Williams
[Cannabis Wire]

An Open Letter From Chris Williams

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Lately I have been dealing with lots of issues that I never imagined I would ever be confronted with. The first couple of months in prison were very stressful, but I am now feeling overwhelmed with betrayal and loss.

Chris Williams and Kari Boiter, moments before the jury announces Chris's "guilty" verdict, 2012

Chris Williams and Kari Boiter, moments before the jury announces Chris’s “guilty” verdict, 2012

I need to let you know that I am very grateful to all of you for your support and interest in my case. I am also very grateful for the things that Kari Boiter has done to help my son and me. However, I can see now that Kari was not being altruistic and kind. She was and is actually suffering from some serious mental issues. She has betrayed me and created a situation that I am unable to deal with from the confines of prison.

In the end, my breakdown in communication with Kari is a result of her unprofessional infatuation with me and a bad judgment call on my part in the days before my trial. As a result of that mistake, I am now dealing with sociopathic behavior.

The lies and backhanded actions that Kari has taken border on fraud. I recently received a list of what she considers my financial debt to her. According to this list she is currently still representing me and I am indebted to her for this for an enormous amount of money. This list of things I she says I owe her for is exhaustive and I cannot begin to say how much stress this has created in me.

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By Wes Abney
Editor, NW Leaf

The Maple Valley home of Debbie Brechler and Josh Mauk was raided at 4 a.m. Tuesday by King County law enforcement agents.

Reports of another raid in the area have not been confirmed at this time. This raid follows direct federal action this month against medical marijuana processors in “Operation Shattered.”

According to the warrant served onsite, arrests were made upon suspicion of Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance, Reckless Endangerment, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. No further details were available in the warrant. The pair operated as “Home Blown Concentrates,” with products available under Washington state’s medical marijuana law, RCW 69.51a, for authorized patients only.

At the home, electronics were seized, including phones and computers with access to Facebook and other social media. The warrant states a concern with the connection between those electronic devices/social media profiles and maintaining an “illegal operation.”

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