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i_am_not_a_criminalBy Miguel AKA Miggy420

I never thought there would be a form of legalization that I wouldn’t like, but I have seen it all now: a legalization that creates new criminals and puts an age limits on the sick.

Washington state’s recreational marijuana program started by I-502 is a lot like AIDS, pretty fucked up and not going anywhere but a lot like AIDS, it’s manageable now.

I still don’t agree with the whole structure of the law but I think it’s time we admit that it’s not going anywhere and stop putting so much hate towards the recreational model in Washington.

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chuck-rosenberg-deaMomentum is building against beleaguered Drug Enforcement Administration head Chuck Rosenberg after he called medical marijuana “a joke.”

Following a petition that nearly 100,000 people have signed calling for Rosenberg to be fired or to resign, a bipartisan group of members of Congress just called on President Obama to find new leadership for the DEA. Read Full Article →

By Cheri Sicard
Cannabis Cheri

When the media talks about harsh sentencing for nonviolent drug crimes, we often hear about mandatory minimums as the culprit.  While it’s true these sentences that take away the judge’s ability to “judge” are often the culprit, the biggest reason people get egregiously long sentences, even life, is usually ignored, and that is America’s conspiracy laws.

Andrew “Andy” Cox, like most people serving a life sentence for a nonviolent marijuana offense, got caught in such a conspiracy charge. The conspiracy statute holds everyone involved in the conspiracy responsible for the crimes of everyone else allegedly in on the conspiracy.

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Miguel AKA Miggy420 [Facebook]

Miguel AKA Miggy420

By Miguel AKA Miggy420

Everyone remembers their first time, whether it’s sex or trying a taboo plant that’s been demonized for 100 years by the corporate elite because it doesn’t affect them. If you know your small town politics, you know the world. Marijuana, weed, cannabis, whatever word you want to use this year has always been a part of my life; I’ve always known that its properties aren’t evil.

I remember a giant plant growing in my backyard but in retrospect it was probably only 4 feet tall since I was about three feet high. I remember my mom buying weed, not for herself but for my 90-year-old great grandma; she would use it in rubbing alcohol to fight rheumatism. I watched as adults over indulged in alcohol and cocaine, noting when people regretted the moment, noting no one has ever regretted their actions on marijuana, just the feeling they get when “high.”

Where I grew up in Southern California a lot of my friend’s parents smoked marijuana as well and that’s where I got my first inhale, the inhale that resulted in disappointment. We were 9 and my friend Tommy stole a joint from his dad’s drawer (as I get older this won’t be the last time a friend of mine pinches from their parents), there were four of us and we were all mesmerized by the marijuana cigarette. We took the joint to the canyon, a crevice behind our elementary school and that’s where we decided to spark it.

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