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loud-grower-delivery-appIt’s no secret there’s lots of green gravitating to the cannabis business, and we’re not just talking herbs. The scent of money has led to some sketchy deals and the welfare of mom-and-pop businesses, along with that of medical marijuana patients, has more often been taking a back seat to financial considerations (hello, Washington state).

The Green Exchange, Inc., the developer of “Loud Cannabis,” which bills itself as “the world’s first HIPAA compliant service that connects marijuana growers to patients,” commented on a CBS News report that put a spotlight on the big players entering the rarefied air of corporate cannabis.

“Delivery apps are part of a growing push by the cannabis industry to bring technology to bear on everything from growing and testing to selling and delivering their product,” CBS reported. “With marijuana legal in 23 states and big business in places like California, where sales reached $1.1 billion last year, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs and investors interested in getting in on the action.”

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Sunday afternoon at Hempfest  [Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]

Sunday afternoon at Hempfest
[Steve Elliott ~alapoet~]

I’ve attended Seattle Hempfest for a decade now, but yesterday I saw something I hadn’t seen before: marijuana being openly dealt from a booth at the event.

Make no mistake about it — it’s been easy to score weed at Hempfest every time I’ve gone, and I’ve written about that before (to the irritation of those who’d prefer to keep such things stuffed tightly in the closet). I got some pretty good herb, for instance, during Vivian McPeak’s “Don’t buy weed at Hempfest speech” in 2013.

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Pete Holmes Hempfest

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes at Hempfest 2012… with his “Yes On I-502″ button, of course
[Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons]

A lawsuit was served on Friday in King County Superior Court against Seattle Hempfest and the City of Seattle, accusing the city of engaging in a quid pro quo that grants Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes “the ability the employ a bully pulpit to foster his political agenda while suppressing dissent under false color of a ‘Free Speech’ event.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 16.34.01Olympia medical marijuana activist and legal gadfly Arthur West, something of a local legend when it comes to successful lawsuits against bumbling government entities, is the plaintiff, filing in the Superior Court of the State of Washington for King County on August 14.

“By means of this quid pro quo, the City spends thousands of dollars every year to grant Seattle [E]vents special privileges and immunities to conduct profitable commercial activity and to violate State law regarding use of marijuana in a public park, and Seattle [E]vents in return provides the City attorney with a politically and materially valuable kickback in the form of a staged ‘free speech’ event where dissent is stifled and citizens such as plaintiff West are blacklisted,” the complaint reads.

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A group of Washington state medical marijuana patient/activists has exposed secret law enforcement meetings on medical marijuana, held by Washington State Liquor Control Board officials as they prepared to extend their authority to medicinal cannabis in the state as they implemented I-502, the recreational marijuana legalization initiative approved by state voters back in 2012.

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Here, from Seattle Hempfest Vice President John Davis, is a smug little celebration of SB 5052 and I-502, which together are ending medical marijuana as we’ve known it in Washington since passage of voter initiative I-692 legalized medicinal cannabis in 1998.

This is the video that Davis really doesn’t want you to see. One must assume that for “some reason” he isn’t particularly proud of his support for this legislation?

Why on earth would Davis — who at least once a year, pretends to be an activist onstage at Hempfest — be happy about the end of safe access for patients? After all, he owns a dispensary himself.

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STONED: A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana by David Casarett M.D. (Current, 289 pages, 2015)

“I wrote this book for Judith,” Dr. David Casarett told me. “Judith is a retired professor who came to my practice as a hospice and palliative care physician at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Her lung cancer had been causing numerous distressing symptoms and she asked me whether marijuana might help her.”

Dr. Casarett had to admit to Judith — after he’d begun to give her “the lecture” that medical school professors had given him, years before, that marijuana is illegal and risky — that he really wasn’t sure whether it could help her, or whether it had any benefits at all.

Then he promised to find out. This book is the result of the doctor’s promise. Writing it, according to Dr. Casarett, was “a series of surprises.”

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