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By Sergio Vidal

President, Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Medical Marijuana (AMEMM)

Brazilian activist Sergio Vidal wrote this exclusive article for Toke Signals.

Brazilian activist Sergio Vidal
wrote this exclusive article for Toke Signals.

Today, many scientists in different countries support the use of marijuana-based medicine as an effective treatment for diseases and to relieve various symptoms, including: AIDS, sickle cell anemia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spasticity, glaucoma, rheumatism, among others.

In Brazil, millions of people with one or more those conditions could benefit from the use of medicines containing the active ingredients of the cannabis plant. But every disease and illness requires a specific biochemical balance between cannabinoids and terpenes. Each needs a specific way of administration.

In addition, each genetic variety of marijuana has a specific and unique combination of those natural compounds. More than 85 molecules are produced exclusively by the marijuana plant, in addition to the most famous, THC and CBD.

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I-502 author Alison Holcomb, left, and City Attorney Pete Holmes [KPLU]

I-502 author Alison Holcomb, left, and City Attorney Pete Holmes

Editor’s note: You may have noticed a press blitz about the supposed need to extinguish medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state. Among the more shrill attackers of what they claim are “untaxed, unregulated” businesses are Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and I-502 author, ACLU attorney Alison Holcomb. But there’s another, largely untold, side to this story. It’s a story of mom-and-pop marijuana businesses, serving seriously ill patients in need, slated for extinction as the competition by greedy I-502 interests who want to force medical patients into their expensive ($30 a gram? get real), inadequate system. Well, folks, the I-502 model is no longer the only game in town. With the looming advent of marijuana sales on Native American reservations nationwide, things are about to change in a big way. How about better prices and quality for starters? I’ll let Seattle activist Steve Sarich take it from here. ~ Steve Elliott

For all of you who think that the only way to save the I-502 model is to deny patients safe and affordable access to medication, we just thought we’d point out that I-502 model has been officially declared DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Read Full Article →

countryman51On Friday, December 5, Palm Pictures will revive the tradition of “midnight movies” with an exclusive online screening of the legendary reggae classic film Countryman. Directed by Dickie Jobson, the film is a 1982 cult classic, featuring classic tracks from Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, and Toots & The Maytals.

Preceding the screening, at 11:30 pm on Friday, 12/5, the film’s co-star, Carl Bradshaw, will live-chat from Jamaica via Google Hangouts On Air with veteran reggae journalist Rob Kenner. The live chat with Bradshaw and the special “Midnight Movie Streaming” will be broadcast live via Google Hangouts here.

To celebrate the online screening of the film, Toke Signals will be giving away, courtesy of Palm Pictures, a free copy of Countryman on DVD to one lucky winner; the winner will be chosen at random from those who share this story on Facebook by the end of Friday, December 5, 2014.

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