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Scratch and sniff cards, supposedly with the smell of cannabis are being delivered to homes in the U.K. [Hemel Today]

Scratch and sniff cards, supposedly with the smell of cannabis, are being delivered to homes in the U.K.
[Hemel Today]

One sees some pretty asinine ideas when it comes to the War On Cannabis on the American side of the Atlantic, but officials in the United Kingdom are giving us Yanks some serious competition when it comes to deep stupidity in the pot fight.

The plan is to mail marijuana-scented scratch cards to 210,000(!) Brit households in a misguided, and embarrassingly silly, effort to target clandestine cannabis farms.

Crimestoppers, the charity which runs the quixotic campaign, said there was only a 15 percent rise in the number of cannabis farms found in homes between 2011 and 2012, reports the BBC. Evidently, that’s not nearly enough, hence the new scratch-n-sniff campaign.

According to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), about 1,800 marijuana farms were found in the West Yorkshire Police area alone between 2010 and 2012, which puts it in the lead when it comes to British cannabis cultivation.

South Yorkshire came in second place with 1,600 pot farms busted in the same time period.

Other weed cultivation centers include London, where more than 1,200 grow-ops were found; Greater Manchester, with 800 grows busted; and Humberside, where lawmen found nearly 300 pot patches.

“Many people don’t realize that the empty, run-down house or flat on their street with people coming and going late at night may actually be a commercial cannabis farm,” darkly hinted Andy Bliss from the ACPO. “It’s not just the stereotype of the remote rural set or disused industrial estate unit.

“These farms are often run by organized criminals [and] they bring crime and anti-social behavior into local communities causing real harm and leaving people feeling unsafe,” Bliss said in a transparent attempt to convince good British folk to hate and fear marijuana farmers.

“The police will use the intelligence generated by the campaign to help build on recent success in tackling this issue,” Bliss bullshitted.

Illicit pot growers are increasingly moving away from commercial and industrial properties and using homes to cultivate the plants, according to Crimestoppers.

The green and black scratch cards — which are being distributed at undoubtedly great cost to 210,000 households — release a scent that supposedly replicates the scent of cannabis during its growing state.

The charity thinks that sending out all those scratch-n-sniff cards will lead to a crackdown on cannabis cultivation.

“We are distributing scratch and sniff cards because not many people know how to recognize the signs of cannabis cultivation happening in their neighborhood,” explained Roger Critchell, the demonstrably clueless director of operations at Crimestoppers.

“Many are also not familiar with the established links between this crime and serious organized crime,” Critchell said.

The scratch-card initiative started three years ago in the Netherlands, where taxpayers footed the bill to distribute 30,000 cards to homes. Toke Signals is unaware of any busts at all occurring as a result of that boondoggle.


Here's what the London Cannabis Club thinks of the new scratch-and-sniff cards.

Here’s what the London Cannabis Club thinks of the new scratch-and-sniff cards.