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Florida legislators already had one successful “drug paraphernalia” bill, back in 2010, when they limited the sale of such items only to businesses which sold primarily tobacco products. But they aren’t satisfied, no sir! Now they want to ban them completely.

House Bill 49, which would “prohibit the sale of certain drug paraphernalia,” is sponsored by Rep. Darryl Rouson of St. Petersburg, and he’s quite plain about its intent.

The new bill builds on the old bill,” Rouson said. “Rather than just regulating them, let’s just ban them.”

Rep. Daryl Rouson: "Quote" [Creative Loafing Tampa Bay]

Rep. Darryl Rouson:
“Rather than just regulating them,
let’s just ban them”
[Creative Loafing Tampa Bay]

“If we can make people drive to Georgia and Alabama and South Carolina to get fireworks, they can drive to get these utensils of death,” said the overly dramatic legislator.

“When was the last time you pulled up to a red light and someone was smoking a wad of tobacco out of a colored glass one-shooter?” Rouson asked New Times. “When was the last time you walked into someone’s house and on the table was a water pipe they were smoking tobacco out of?”

Back in 2010, Florida made it illegal for most businesses to sell bongs or pipes — only shops that made 75 percent or more of their income from selling tobacco are now allowed to sell the smoking paraphernalia. That bill passed the House by a staggering 115-0 unanimous vote, reports Truth Is Scary.

Just last month, a poll revealed that 70 percent of Floridians support a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana.

Regardless if you’re a Floridian or not, you can help by simply signing a petition on Change.org. HB 49, if passed, could kill thousands of jobs and hundreds of smoke shops throughout the state, according to SmokeTalk.net.

You can sign the petition to stop Florida’s Legislature from banning glass pipes by clicking here.

Bill Summary: HB 49 Relating to Retail Sale of Smoking Devices (Lobby Tools)

Editor’s note: Thanks to Skunk of Hemp Beach TV for making us aware of this developing story.


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  • I used to live in Tampa and I cannot imagine the state being that stupid. ALL states should be allowed to buy marijuana just like they can alcohol and cigarettes. Much safer and you’re trying to outlaw pretty objects of GLASS????? This is something I might expect from some hick state, but FLORIDA???????

  • Grace


  • Chris VanAntwerp

    Total BS. I don’t even live there and this has me angry. Get over it, the wave has already begun.

  • Darryl Rouson you sir are a complete moron and I say that in the nicest way possible! You are trying to ruin thousands of peoples lives, careers, and jobs. You are in direct violation of my constitutional freedoms. Maybe you are actually racial towards the people from the middle East and are just trying to go after those that use hookah’s religiously. I honestly think this might be part of your reasoning. Maybe it also has to do with your crack cocaine addiction and you getting thrown out of a smoke shop because you attempted to purchase a crack pipe there. If you would get off your high horse and admit you are a crack head racist moron you will be alot better off in life.

  • Mauricio Massa

    What a jerk.

  • The moralists want to control your behavior, even if it’s private harmless behavior. They believe is much smaller, less intrusive government unless they have a chance to control behavior they don’t like. Then they want really big government.

  • andrew

    don’t buy pipes to smoke weed! god no! that’s the devil. but keep buying our cigarettes because thats gooooooooood……for my pocket

  • Just because Daryl Rouson was dumb enough to smoke crack now he feels like he needs to ban all drugs….once a crackhead always a crackhead I guess!

  • Mat Razpo

    Okay – DO NOT SIGN any online petitions…they don’t do anything!! Instead, pick up the phone and CALL his office directly OR write a CRAPLOAD of letters to this guy’s office…online petitions are too easy to respond to/get rid of!

    His information:

    Darryl Rouson
    212 The Capitol
    402 South Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300
    Phone: (850) 717-5070

    Map/Driving Directions

    District Office
    Suite D
    6501 25th Way South
    St. Petersburg, FL 33712-5665
    Phone: (727) 906-3200

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  • magnum

    Jimmie T. Smith (R), my House Rep. explanined how he enjoys his whiskey & feeling the stress just melt away. 20K died in the US from alcohol last year, including 560 from Florida. Claims his party used to tell him how to vote, but he’s his own man now. Maybe the whiskey gives him such strength now to represent the voters for a change?

  • Rosario Vivace

    who died and left these smucks in charge i though this was a free country as long as you do what they say so much for freedom time for politicians to start looking for a new line of work cant wait till the next elections so we can part ways with people and replace who will honor what the votes want not there ideas

  • I’m from St. Pete, this guy needs to get a life!!! Really with everything that’s going on in our city he want to focus on water bongs and pipes? How about worrying about our fresh water springs and focusing on something that could really benefit our futures.

  • j


  • apanda9

    Florida is a hick state, living in Tampa, you were away from most of it.

  • BlahhDeeBlahhDeeBlahhh

    Florida is as deep South as it gets. Don’t hate in the “hick states” you stereotypical boob.

  • BlahhDeeBlahhDeeBlahhh

    on*** I’d wager these “hick states” you speak of would be in full support of fighting such silly measures anyway.

  • Brilliant! Sink a few small businesses in your state while your people buy it online from another state,

  • End Prohibition. Never works.

  • Darryl thinks everyone smokes crack like he did, and probably does.

  • Tyler G.

    i heard about this from my locale smoke shop owner, and apparently this includes hookahs under “drug paraphernalia”. This is completely insane since it will completely destroy the hookah subculture here in florida along with the many hookah bars. The ban on pipes is bad enough, but this is enfuriating as a hookah enthusiest. If this is in fact enacted i seriously doubt i will stay in this state much longer.

  • billyBongThorton

    Well I guess we have to switch to plastic bongs now. This law will ban the sale of glass “pipes” doesn’t say anything about a vase with a hole in the side. How about selling a vase with a removable plug for watering my flowers. The whole thing is stupid. Let’s face it stoners don’t get behind the wheel and speed/drive wreck less. We wear our seatbelts and use our blinkers. Ask any police officer who is more dangerous to the public , a stoner or a drunk. But yet we have a beer/alcohol commercial on every station as well as sponsored sports events. And oh yeah this one makes a lot of sense billboards for alcohol on highways oh well the government has to decide whats best for all of us right? We need someone to stand up and protect us from ourselves. It would be un american not to

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