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The home of Idaho marijuana activists Lindsey and Josh Rinehart was raided on Tuesday by Boise Police and Child Protective Services while Lindsey, Josh and their friend Sarah Caldwell, a fellow marijuana activist, were on a small trip to the mountains.

Lindsey and Josh’s two children were taken into “protective custody,” and because Sarah’s two children were also at the residence with the babysitter, they were taken as well.

A custody hearing for the children is pending, and possible criminal charges relating to marijuana might arise in the future, according to Serra Frank, director of Moms For Marijuana International.

Lindsey Rinehart [Facebook]

Lindsey Rinehart

Lindsey Rinehart is the director, chief petitioner and volunteer coordinator for Compassionate Idaho’s medical marijuana petition. She is also a core member of the Idaho HOPEFest Committee and of Idaho Moms for Marijuana. Josh Rinehart is Lindsey’s husband, director of Idaho NORML, and core member of Idaho HOPEFest and Compassionate Idaho.

Sarah Caldwell is executive director of finance in Moms For Marijuana International. She is also a founding member of Idaho Moms for Marijuana, founding director of Compassionate Idaho, Idaho NORML, and the Idaho HOPEFest.

“These three nonviolent, loving parents have dedicated their time, their money, and their lives to help end cannabis prohibition in the state of Idaho, and to help reach others worldwide,” Frank said.

Sarah Caldwell [Facebook]

Sarah Caldwell

“These are three very close friends of mine, who helped create Moms For Marijuana and everything else happening in Idaho, from our groups to the petition and HOPEFest,” Frank said. “Sarah is our executive director of finance and close family friend of 15 years. Lindsey took over as chief petitioner of the medical marijuana petition I originally started, and when that one didn’t make it, started a new one.

“I know these people very well and they are WONDERFUL parents and activists,” Frank said. “Personally, I think they are being attacked by the state because of all the progress they are making with the Idaho Medical Marijuana Petition and everything else they’ve done in the last few years.

“This happened yesterday, so now it’s a waiting game for hearings and to see if the state is pressing charges,” Frank said. “When the police raided the house they took several garbage bags full of evidence (Lindsey has MS) so charges are probably being filed as we speak.

Serra Frank [Facebook]

Serra Frank

“They are heartbroken and just want their babies back,” Frank said. “Unfortunately, it’s a long, drawn-out process once CPS has them in custody.

“All three of these dedicated cannabis warriors are physically disabled, and receive very little to no income, and absolutely zero income from any of their volunteer efforts in cannabis reform,” Frank said. “They are all in need of help to retain both family law and criminal law attorneys.

“Anything that you can give to help provide towards these costs would be greatly appreciated,” Frank told us. “Every penny helps!”

You can click here to donate directly to the Moms For Marijuana Compassion Fund for Sarah, Lindsey and Josh.

“All donations will be given directly to Sarah, Lindsey and Josh for help in their court battles and help set case precedence in Idaho that marijuana is NOT DANGEROUS to anyone, including children,” Frank said.

You can check this page for updates.


  • John McLean

    awful. What is wrong with people? I bet dollars to donuts that the people who actually came into the house and put their hands on those kids drink booze like water when they get home from work. I’d have to if my job were seperating loving parents from their children.

  • Ray Ables

    Ou est la justice?

  • Mancode Man

    The nicest most honest people in the world smoke pot.. Alcohol is the most devastating drug in the world….way worse than even heroin in death toll.

  • Addison

    This is horrible news! I’ll pray for these folks will be able to keep their children in their custody. I cannot imagine how this is a justifiable excuse to break apart a family. This must be stopped!

  • denise

    this is just so wrong on so many level’s !!! They need to give them their children back, Them children was being cared for. who do they think they are to go into your home when your not there,, I shake my head in disgust at the system.,,,

  • Mancode Man

    Here in Virginia, the cops will just take away your pot if caught with it in the car. They like to smoke it for free…. They don’t even give a ticket. They just take your pot for themselves.. I have heard this many many times from people who have lived here all their lives.

  • I’m Josh’s mom, I knew something like this was going to happen. He & Lindsey have burned so many bridges inside our family, we don’t even know Elijah. So yeah, folks, pot may be a good drug, but in Idaho, it is not legal and you will get prosecuted. So it does hurt families! Move to a weed friendly state if you want to use pot for medicine. Idaho is not a good place for that. I have no idea how to help my grand children, because Lindsey cut off contact with us 5 years ago when they moved to Boise. Get a job Josh! Quit putting weed needs before your kids Lindsey!! That’s what I’d say to them. They knew this could happen, but didn’t care enough about their kids to protect them before they tried to protect a plant.

  • Nazi law enforcement!

  • randombyter

    sickening act of kidnapping, ignorance and stupidity by the so called authorities

  • Why is it tobacco and alcohol are legal and are also the deadliest

  • I think the more disgusting thing is that Josh & Lindsey put their ‘activism’ before their kids, before their entire family. (I know cuz I’m Josh’s mom)

  • bruce

    Thats just wrong the authorities have done this!! nobody was harmed give her children back! something could happen to them by puttingthem in foster crase as you never know who the pedifiles are plus this will traumatize the children bad move indeed

  • For the record, Josh is NOT psychically disabled.

  • Dana Wilson

    Josh & Lindsey aren’t fighting to change medical marijuana laws just only for themselves — they’re doing it for all the other hundreds of thousands of patients in Idaho who are too timid or too frightened of persecution to do it for themselves. By the way, you know what’s even more “disgusting” than their activism? His mother publicly bashing her son when his (and his family’s) chips are down. No wonder they haven’t spoken to you in five years. Shame on you, Shirl!~

  • Randy

    Damn I bet Obama’s crony’s
    are behind it!

  • steve miller

    They cannot stop us. We know who you are love.
    Remember Idaho cops have hardly anything to do.

  • Theresa Knox

    Lindsey Rinehart is a patient. She is a medical marijuana activist, a citizens’ rights advocate, a wife. Josh Rinehart is also a marijuana activist, a tireless force for Compassionate Idaho, and supportive husband. Above all these things, they
    are parents. They are *good* parents, who love their children and put
    them above all else– indeed, the reason they are MMJ activists is so
    the next generation won’t have to be subject to the trials and
    persecutions currently experienced by patients choosing to treat their
    conditions with Marijuana rather than with toxic, man-made, chemical
    medications with awful side effects. They also know that if they had
    legal access to medical marijuana to treat her Multiple Sclerosis and
    his chronic pain issues, they could be healthier, more active parents to
    their kids, for a much longer time.

    Sarah Caldwell
    has been a major force in the Treasure Valley Medical Marijuana
    community since it’s inception. She was, in fact, a co-founding member
    of *all* the MMJ groups here. She is educated about Marijuana, she is a
    loving and intelligent mother, who works to legalize a medication that
    could be an alternative to her children and their families someday, and
    her children being removed from her care in absentia is flat-out wrong.

    Idaho, you’re educated about Cannabis. You *know* that Marijuana’s
    toxicity level is 20,000-40,000:1, pretty much categorizing it as
    non-toxic, since so far no one has been able to prove that humans of any
    age, let alone children, can ingest enough to kill them. The mere fact
    that one is an MMJ activist in no way indicates that person is an actual
    user in a state where being such is illegal, nor does its presence in a
    family home mean that children of any age are in mortal danger. We are
    all trusted to keep our legal prescription medications out of the hands
    of our children, so you all know there’s no reason to think it any more
    likely that MMJ is going to fall into the hands of children.

    Right now and in the near future, Sarah, Josh, and Lindsey need your
    help. Currently, the best thing we can do is raise funds for the
    inevitable legal bills that are sure to ensue. Please consider donating
    *any* amount, even $5 is five more than they’d have had if you didn’t
    donate. There will be information posted soon about other ways to help,
    but to get the ball rolling, read the article and click on the link to
    donate. This is not a donation to any group, but to Josh, Lindsey, and
    Sarah personally to help them through this time.

    Thank you to Steve Elliott and Toke Signals for your voice, and help in spreading awareness to gain support for these wonderful people.

  • you don’t sound very loving, maybe that is why they cut ties. anyway, you shouldn’t air your families dirty laundry in public and support your family!

  • i think you are a liar and a troll! get a life!

  • second thought, you are hateful and i would have cut ties with you too. wow what a mom you are. disgusting!

  • Theresa Knox

    Since you say they cut off contact five years ago, I’m going to venture a guess that you don’t know them very well at this point, especially if you could say something like quit putting weed needs before their children. I have to also wonder if the reason they cut off contact with you is because you are a judgemental person who was intolerant of their choice of medication and would use a time of personal hardship for them to publicly vent your petty issues. You could learn a great lesson from Josh and Lindsey and grow some compassion already!

  • Theresa Knox

    Invisible pain is still pain.

  • sunenge

    You are a hateful, ignorant woman, and I hope you remember your behavior towards your child when you are old and alone.

  • Dana, you have no idea about what happened between us. So think what you like, I’m not saying anything that isn’t true. Josh has been working the system for years. He is strong and able bodied, he is not disabled, he & his wife, did nothing to protect their kids. That’s the truth. Pot is illegal here, they knowingly put their kids at risk. What is even more disgusting is how much you all believe that they are awesome parents and would do nothing to hurt their kids. YOU DO NOT KNOW! I do know, I hate that my grand kids are going through something so scary, I blame Lindsey & Josh for putting themselves out there with a big red arrow. And if they are such great parents why was CPS called to begin with? Lindsey doesn’t even talk to her own mom who lives in Boise. Y’all think you know but you are truly clueless when it comes to Josh.

  • Ahhhhh Yes And All Of This Is Coming From The Woman That Told Lindsey Straight To Her Face That Lindsey Having MS RUINED Her Sons Life…Bla Bla Bla Guess What Josh’s Mom..You Can GO AWAY…Josh And Lindsey Have Plenty Of FAMILY That Love Them For THEM And Not What Others THINK They Should Be. You Are A Awful Woman And Deserve No Respect From ANY Of Us Exspecialy Josh And Lindsey.

  • Jim Fuller

    By the way genius …it’s physically ……

  • Jim Fuller

    You are a real class act I can see why he cut off contact, I dont blame him.

  • You have no idea what our family has been through with Josh. I have to shake my head at your ignorance. You’ll believe anything as long as it is here in this forum. If you had a clue, you wouldn’t say anything to me.

  • I don’t care what any of you have to say about this. You didn’t live with Josh for 25 years, and all the bullshit he put our family through. There are two sides to every story you believe what you want.

  • OK

  • I didn’t air any dirty laundry. You all make me roll my eyes. Fuck you.

  • Prpl5150

    I have been having daily sezuires for 2 years now. I had never smoked pot before. i came from nevada and moved to colorado where i saw a doctor who gave me my med card. since i started smoking my anxiety is way better and for the first time in 2 years i can go days without a sezuire instead of 3-5 every day! Marijuana is an amazing medicine. I hope everything works out for these 3 people and thank you for all the work you have done to teach people about the positve about marijuana instead of uneducated people spewing lies and crap about the issue! and to joshs mother shame on you for not supporting your child who is trying to help a wonderful community of people. and maybe they cut you out of there life because of your nasty deminar towards the situation. instead of airing dirty family laundry why dont you support your son! shame on you as a mother!!!!!

  • I think it is extremely ignorant and disrespectful of you to post something like this. Keep your negativity and personal life out of the PUBLIC eye. Please educate yourself for the REASONS of medical marijuana. Marijuana is not a MIND ALTERING drug…. it does not even come close to the effects of alcohol OR tobacco.

    P.S. I was raised by members of my family that smoked, I am a non violent non “drug using” non drinking individual. Your mind frame is SDRAWKCAB!!!!

  • Look guy, I have no issue with pot. I like the good it can do and agree that it should be legalized. For the record I have supported Josh through a whole hell of a lot of shit. I’m not defending myself to people who have no goddamn clue what happened inside our family. If I really aired laundry, you might not think I’m such a bitch. I’m not going to do that because, regardless of what you think, I love my grand kids and rather or not they’ve been in our families life is not a factor in how much I love them. Y’all believe what the fuck you want. I’ll be the bad guy some more & forever, just don’t put your pot activism before you kids!!!!!!

  • You do not know my pot stance, don’t assume I know nothing about it. I do. I am 100% for the legalization of the plant. I know exactly what pot does. It’s not the issue here. The issue is Josh & Lindsey putting their activism before their kids, KNOWING FULL WELL that they could get busted, but not seeming to put much thought into what would happen to the kids if they did. The oldest one has a different dad, don’t you think it would be in his best interest not to be taken from his mom & little brother? They didn’t think about that. I’m pissed that they didn’t give the kids a second thought in this.
    This is Idaho not Washington!

  • Guest

    So you guys are gonna put up the money to help them? Or are you also working the system so you can be a lazy stupid slug too?

  • You get to think what you want in Idaho, but you can’t smoke pot legally here. Speculate what you will about my lack of a life, but the rest of my kids and my grand kids know. Your opinion does not matter. So go buy a clue.

  • Dana Wilson

    MY POINT BEING they are fighting for the RIGHTS OF OTHERS, hundreds of thousands of other people who need safe access to alternative medicine. Considering the volatile opposition Compassionate Idaho has already been dealing with, OF COURSE they’re going to be targeted and harassed for their involvement in trying to change the status quo. It’s how it’s always been! Those who think they control society don’t like it when people push back, and this is just one example of them misusing their power via law enforcement and social services in order to intimidate Josh & Lindsey. CPS gets called *daily* on fraudulent claims. It’s become fashionable for government/politicians to fight dirty, to use people’s children against them in order to get them to stop fighting against their way of doing things. They want compliant citizens that not only swallow every bit of horse crap they’re given, but who also will not stand up against them when things aren’t right (and believe me, considering the death toll from pharmaceutical painkillers has risen to over 200% since 2006, things *definitely* “aren’t right”). You think all the progress in human rights we’re currently seeing is all because someone in charge got a soft heart all of a sudden? Wrong! It’s because people are finally standing up for themselves, many people — like Lindsey and Josh — who are doing it on the behalf of those who can’t stand on their own. It’s a tale as old as time: controlling forces never yield to change, and they will go to great lengths, sometimes violently, to stop people from trying to change those things that benefit the oppressors — that includes raiding someone’s home, targeting, and harassing citizens even when they’re within their rights to peaceful protest and petitioning. Granted, I don’t know all the details as to how or why their home was raided…but until then, I’m presuming it’s because Lindsey has a strong voice in the Movement and she doesn’t back down and cower away like they’d like her to do. P.S, You’re right, I have no idea what goes on privately between you and your son, but in case anyone hasn’t ever told you, publicly airing out your familial grievances online is in *really* poor taste, regardless of how much you may be validated in your feelings. Be better than that, show some class.

  • Theresa Knox

    As a matter of fact, yes, we are currently gathering donations to help these people. The mere fact that one is pro-marijuana doesn’t mean they are scum. Open your mind.

  • Oh for the love of god, you people have no idea. I never judged anyone for smoking pot. You have no idea what happened within our family that led to Josh & Lindsey cutting ties with me. I was the one they were mad at, but they haven’t talked to any of Josh’s siblings in years either, Never mind. Assume all you want.

  • Theresa Knox

    Washington didn’t start out a legal state. Heroes like your son and his wife made it legal so everyone could enjoy it.

  • Yes, I’m sure you understand so completely.

  • Yup. But I know Josh, and he isn’t mentally fucked up either. So yeah……..

  • Oh nice catch there Jimmy boy, I made a typo… My bad. I never got my kids taken away because I was too busy hanging out in the mountains leaving them with babysitters doing my own thing. I was home & at work, raising my kids. I did make that typo though.

  • Now that his only son and step son have been taken by the state, I guess I was right.

  • WHATEVER YOU PEOPLE!!! Just donate your money and get them out of jail please!! If you knew half of what you think you know, well, I’ll let everyone assume some more about that.

  • MedicineWoman

    It’s part of the “Monsanto” scheme to kill us off … I am so thankful to have put those two addictions behind me!

  • Theresa Knox

    As of now we’ve raised a considerable amount of money. We don’t know the status yet, but don’t you worry, we’ve got their backs.

  • Tina, I did go away, and look what happened, when all of you who profess so much love for them, to their little family. Y’all aren’t capable of understanding what a nightmare this whole thing has been for our entire family. I was the one who pissed them off, so why doesn’t Josh have much of a relationship with his siblings? They had nothing to do with any of that. You should have taken better care of them.

  • Anonymous

    YOU are the one airing dirty laundry in a public forum you idiot. What the hell is wrong with you?!!! I’d drop contact with you as well if you were my Mother and the way you talked about Sarah and her MS is inexcusable. You are a piece pf filth and you need to go away. STOP AIRING PERSONAL BUSINESS IN PUBLIC!

  • Thankfully not your kid


  • I am surprised the cops didn’t take the baby sitter into custody. Pure Gestapo tactics for exercising free speech.

  • Thankfully not your kid

    I’ll call the waaaaambulance for you. He obviously put you out of his life for a good reason. Shut up. You are only showing what a piece of trash filth you are.

  • thankfully not your kid

    Real mature, Reeeeal mature.

  • thankfully not your kid

    I think you are disgusting.

  • Dave DeRose

    Well I guess it’s safe to say we know who called the CPS. Let she who sinned cast the first stone. Very vindictive!

  • I agree with you, Theresa, I don’t think that at all. I’m glad you guys are helping. We have no information except this. So you know, I’m pro weed, Josh was up here a month or so ago, and we hugged, said I love you to one another. It isn’t as bad as the other posters are making our stuff sound. I’m just very pissed that Josh is once more not thinking about the bigger picture. I love him, I love my grand kids. It was an argument with ugly words spoken by both sides. It shouldn’t have taken 5 years to straighten out. I kept trying to talk to Josh, he always said he wasn’t ready to fix things yet. He was getting there. I have no clue what you all know about Lindsey, I’m only going by the way she acted and the stuff that happened back then. It’s sad they had to lose custody of their kids. I hope it makes all of you realize what is in jeopardy in regard to your kids in this state where a good plant is not legal for use. I’m afraid that wasn’t the only thing going on though. I’m just the scorned mom, the one everyone wants to blame, I’ll take that, but those kids are now totally upset, and I have no way to find out if they are OK or not. Think about that when you put the red arrow over your families head, here in Idaho, where we know most cops are crooked and I know that first hand, living in Caribou county.

  • What the hell are you even talking about?

  • Shame on you, Shirl. You’re a miserable-ass excuse for a mother.

  • Guest

    Fuck off, you toxic, clueless bitch.

  • Well, that’s good, because after reading your dumb-ass hateful comments here, I don’t give a FUCK what YOU have to say about it either.

  • I’d have cut off contact with your hateful ass, too, bitch.

  • Anonymous, you can’t show your name? FUCK YOU. You don’t count!

  • Steve, shut up. You do not count. Unless you’re going to take care of the kids Josh & Lindsey didn’t think about when they put themselves out there to be bait for the weed nazi state of Idaho.

  • No it didn’t but it was a lot more tolerant to it than Idaho ever will be. I witnessed it myself 8 years ago at Hemp Fest in Seattle. I’m done with this arguing. For the record, all of you can only assume what happened with Josh & our family, none of you know.

  • I think maybe I do count, you clueless cunt.

  • Chelsea Evans

    Addictions? What 2 addictions??

  • Chelsea Evans

    It appears you are the one airing out laundry, looking to do who knows what. Do you really think they put their kids after their activism? I should think not! Keep your OPINIONS to yourself!

  • reldra

    People go on vacations long and short all the time and leave the kids with a responsible person. You would probably feel a little better if you took a few days off, without the kids with your Bf/husband. That is the strangest thing I have ever read.

  • Chelsea Evans

    I’m not sure what you have against “us people,” but your feelings on the matter and chastising us doesn’t help that matter any further. We are trying.

  • reldra

    Does someone have the authority to remove this woman from posting here?

  • I would assume tobacco and alcohol, since those are the two that @facebook-100003895251099:disqus just mentioned.

  • Chelsea Evans

    You sound like such a caring mother. You have a beautiful caring woman with MS as a daughter in law. They have found something they strongly believe in. I’d think, as a fellow mother, you would support something so beneficial and life saving. You really have a place in this forum. It’s getting really offensive and I think that’s your intention.

  • reldra

    You can be an activist and a parent. In fact, activism teaches children good things. Like you can be an artist and a parent, a Trekkie and a parent, a person that takes cooking classes and a parent. You have made no sense in any post on this board.

  • Chelsea Evans

    You’re saying what a nightmare it is for your family? Think about the nightmare THEY are going through, that you are putting them through by what you are saying! Shame on you!

  • So your son got busted and now you’re whining that YOU are the victim, and he’s the bad guy? You’re pathetically self absorbed.

  • AWFUL!!AWFUL!!! AWFUL!!! WOMAN!!!! KARMA WILL COME BITE YOU!!!!!!!!! Just Hope Those That Love Josh And Lindsey Are All There To Watch.

  • Chelsea Evans

    Oops I didn’t see that part at the time. Was scrolled down past it.

  • No. These are MY grand kids that are scared and alone right now. I would be there to take care of them in a heart beat if I could find out anything. Lindsey made sure I can’t. What is it that I said that has all of you so outraged? The truth? Yeah, sometimes the truth sucks, but facts are facts, you can’t get away with smoking pot in Idaho. If you put a bulls-eye on your back, someone is going to notice it and then stuff like this happens. Who is suffering the most right now? Laustin and Elijah, they have no idea what’s happening. Josh & his wife are upset I’m sure, I am upset. I’m pissed. If you knew anything about Josh or our family you’d be the one shutting up.

  • You’ve been fed so much bullshit it’s coming out of your mouth. Karma huh? Yes, I hope that all you fucks who didn’t do ONE FUCKING thing to help, are there to see it too. Again, you have NO clue. Attack me, I’ll attack you back.

  • Oh? How do you count? (on your fingers?) Cunt is a very useful word when trying to put someone with no intelligence down. I’m not that Bitch, boy, so good on ya for trying, you did not and will not succeed.

  • I am thinking about what Elijah & Laustin are going through. It breaks my heart. I’d fix it if I could, but I can’t I posted ONE thing, and all of you come at me like I took the kids. Like I’m the one who made this plant illegal. I guess you need to put your anger and ignorance about our family situation somewhere, I’ve always been strong willed and strong minded, I can take it. I would be there for those kids if I could. Josh & Lindsey are grown ups, they can do what they want. When you’re a parent, you’re supposed to put your kids before ANYTHING else. they didn’t.

  • prayers are with you, the legal bastards are far worse to a family than any ammt of marijuana could be.

  • If you read my first comment, you’d know that isn’t true. I’m not going to sit here and be bashed by people who have no idea about our family or about who I am or what kind of mom & grandma I am. If it upsets people to see someone stand up for themselves, then so be it. But I wont be bullied by anyone. I do not know the same Lindsey that she has shown you people. You’ll never understand. I just hope none of you ever find yourselves in a situation like this. I sure never thought one argument would lead to 5 years of no contact until a month ago when Josh came to see me & his dad. We always fully supported and tried to help Josh… You folks don’t have to believe that, I have no proof, maybe you can ask Josh. Whatever.

  • My kids are all grown. I would feel better if Josh had been a more responsible parent and put his kids before his weed activism. WHICH I AM NOT AGAINST! Put yourself out in the public eye like they have and some ugly shit is gonna happen in this red state of conservatives. I wish it didn’t have to be that way but it is. I hope all of you look at this for the lesson it is. Keep your kids safe, even from the innocent plant & the issues you’re working to fix in this state. I signed the petition, I vote, I’m not against it. I am against putting the activism before your kids though.

  • Chelsea Evans

    I can’t understand a heavy heart for what they deal with, but I think there is something you’re leaving omitting your anger, or perhaps there is a lot you don’t know about it. Personally, I would never go around blasting my child’s ‘bad’ side. I think they’ve been through enough getting their own children taken from them when they weren’t even present. I feel a child is an extension of the parent, also, which in return means that you are trying to make yourself look bad. I can’t wrap my head around it. You could be saying a lot that you very may well regret one of these days. Your words are not reminiscent of those that I’d identify as belonging to a warm, caring mother.

  • after reading most of this thread I can only assume shirl is an alcoholic and wishes her son followed in her filthy footsteps, dwi isn’t a badge of courage and most pot smokers don’t drive drunk, im just saying…..bed out of their

  • There is a whole lot I’m not saying. In the best interest of my son. I smoked weed, I have no problem with that. If I don’t come across as warm and loving it’s because I am so angry right now, that my grand kids are scared and alone. It’s because I’m not telling you people everything that I know about Josh & Lindsey. Stuff you do not need to know, it’s not your business. So in a way you’re right. I hope you never end up with a kid that puts themselves and their kids in situations that end like this one has. The only thing I thought was any business of the public’s was my original post. and I’ve been being bashed for 2 hours or more now. I’ve taken a lot of shit over the years, I’ve never stood down once, I’m not about to change now.

  • lives like they want. take a hint instead of reporting them to child welfare

  • I don’t know what you’re reading Steve, but I never said one thing like that. I’m not a victim, never have been. I’ve participated fully in every bit of the bullshit that happened. Fuck off learn some reading comprehension.

  • Who is Sarah?

  • Chelsea Evans

    I never meant I want you to tell me everything and anything. Just that the anger seems a bit misdirected.

  • You assume wrong. I don’t drink. I never have, except for a few times in my younger years. I’ve always been pro weed. Y’all read into it whatever you need to. I’m not the bad guy here, but I will be because you all need someone to be pissed off at. If my son had followed in my ‘filthy’ footsteps, he’d have a job, and his family wouldn’t be in jeopardy right now. I got popped for weed in caribou County back in ’99 They didn’t take my kids. I sat weekends in jail. So just assume all you want, perpetuate the hate. I’m amazed at how judgmental you fucks are, especially for ‘stoners’ You make real stoners ashamed.

  • Since this isn’t your family, you keep your opinions to yourself, yes I do believe they put their activism before their kids. I know they did. You are a simple bitch, who can’t understand a thing I said. Fuck off.

  • Sam

    Breast milk contains Cannabinoids.

  • I agree, you just can’t go around publicly in Idaho saying, look at me smoking pot! and not expect some kind of retaliation from the pigs that run this shit. Grow up, get a clue, you can lose your kids!!! What is more important???????????

  • You get to think what you want.

  • That’s almost funny. I have no idea where they live. I love my son, I would never hurt him like that. Clueless pot heads is what the majority of you come off sounding like. Which is too bad, setting the cause back. I wouldn’t I didn’t even Josh & Lindsey know that. I didn’t cast a stone, I just want them to put the kids first, they didn’t obviously or they’d still have them!!

  • I was with you until that last paragraph. I agree!! I didn’t air anything, except that we have been estranged for 5 years, Josh came and saw me a month or so ago and we were OK with each other. I know they are gonna be harassed. Let the people without kids to lose stand up. I’m sorry if you don’t like it that I am pissed off at Josh & Lindsey for not putting the kids first. I always put mine first, just kind of expect the same from my kid.

  • All of you have had a good time bashing me for saying what I think. Good for you, I dig the open mindedness you all show. No wonder this pot thing can’t get off the floor in Idaho, none of you embrace the life style. With that said, Fuck you very much, I am done talking to you.

  • WTF was that

    when you scroll down, all you see is a bunch of pro-activists and one pissed of mother that can’t even contemplate why no-one agrees with her! Priceless, Shirley, if I had a mother that talked like you, I would never talk to her either, you are a sad excuse of a parent, who takes out her frustration of not having a cause on those who do. Sad Sad old women

  • Tanis Walters

    You need to seek psychiatric help. I feel sorry for Josh and Lindsey to have a family member make inflammatory comments on a public forum about their parenting skills. I think you’re the last person that should speak on what makes a decent parent. You should be ashamed of yourself. My mother would never do what your doing, and, no, I don’t know you, but I know how a mother should act, and you FAILED right in front of God and the whole world. So glad I will never have the misfortune of ever knowing you. Your comments make me even more empathetic to Josh and Lindsey. Good for you, sweetie. I hope you feel better about your miserable self now.

  • Annetta Huffman

    A mother’s love is unconditional. I am a mother and would support my children in everything . Even if I don’t agree completely. The main issue is to get the kids back with family and then work on getting their parents out of jail. The system might be flawed but working together instead of against each other would get results. People have been targeted for different beliefs or religions for centuries. Instead of fighting among yourselves fight together. Unity works. History has proved that time and time again.

  • gordyB

    I was taken to court here in ontario by Family and Childrens Services for admitting to smoking pot. I fought it to the end, with no lawyer I may ad, and the judge threw it out saying, “smoking marijuana is not a child protection issue, it is a law enforcement issue”

  • Patient Advocate Group

    Standing up for their rights is putting their children first.

  • Chelsea Evans

    You’re such a pleasant person. If you aren’t helping, you are hindering. Which is it? You’re acting like you’ve been waiting on this to happen or something. Like in a “serves them right” kinda way. It’s kind of sickening.

  • april brown

    This entire situation should rattle every single one of us. When the authorities are given the power to search our homes without our presence, and take our children based on playground chatter of elementary school children our rights are being tossed in a toilet. There is nothing about this that is ethical what so ever. Children are abused daily in this State and it takes months even years before CPS takes a report seriously yet in this particular situation, the mention of a human being suffering from a disease treating it with medical cannabis they jump in and tear not only one but two families apart? Force these children out of the comfort and safety of their homes and put them with strangers that get paid to care nothing of what happens to them. This is injustice in the highest degree… This is what we are fighting to protect people from. How dare anyone talk bad about these families.

  • grandma4cannabis

    speechless…. only word that comes to mind is terrorists. those poor kids being traumatized like that. Alcoholics should have their kids taken like that, see what it feels like. This war on Americans has to end. I just don’t understand why the idiot government can’t admit a mistake that Prohibition was founded on lies by greedy men and END it NOW. Let families live, love and grow in a free country. Go after real criminals. It isn’t a crime if there isn’t a victim. Families, children and Parents are the victims, the government is committing the crime.

  • Grandma4cannabis

    If you were to educate yourself about cannabis maybe you would learn why they are activists. Stand beside them with wanting your grandkids to be raised with truth. Sure people use it like beer, for relaxing, for fun but it is also a very SAFE effective medicine. Do you have custody of your grandbabies? You should if you truly care. Then get the book,” IT’S JUST A PLANT” a children’s story about marijuana. You and your grandkids can learn the truth together and stand as a family… as one, against the lies that created Prohibition and the war on America.

  • Theresa Knox

    How do you think us ‘fucks who didn’t do ONE FUCKING thing to help’ know Lindsey & Josh?? They aren’t the only ones out there risking their freedom to insure the future freedoms of us all. What exactly would you have had us done??

  • mjm

    PROHIBITION hurts families. Cannabis cures.

  • Theresa Knox

    By attempting to be certain the next generation doesn’t have to remain childless in order to end Cannabis Prohibition, Josh *is* thinking of the bigger picture. He is attempting to make sure *he* is not considered a criminal, so that he can remain free to parent his children. Did you sign a petition last year to help legalize MMJ in Idaho? Have you signed this year’s?

  • Look up US Pat# 6630507

  • Dan Richeson

    As far as I am concerned this is an act of provocation, it raises a level of anger within me that makes me want to cry out for justice. These prohibitionists are the lowest forms of life on the planet and are completely undeserving of any rights or liberties that this nation offers. GOD DAMM THEM TO HELL FOREVER! I don’t believe that there will justice until creatures of this ilk are publically BURNED AT THE STAKE! They are wilfully IGNORANT and arrogantly EVIL.

  • Idaho?Maybeforpot..atoes

    For some reason, I see images of missing teeth, muffin top squeezed
    into four sizes too small jeans, and a rusty, old trailer of broken dreams.
    If you had any compassion, instead of rekindling the flames of self-indulgent and self-indignant righteous, you would hope and pray
    that your grandchildren will be returned back to their parents
    before the ugly and brutal machinery of the state CPS system destroys
    whatever innocence remaining in the children.

  • Yes, I signed the one Josh had with him last month when he came to visit me. I am not anti pot. I am pro decriminalization. I’m on the same side. Regardless of the rude & ugly things posters said to me, and the way I answered, I only spoke the truth. I’m not perfect. I got busted for no weed in ’99 in Caribou county. I know the score. I’m not against my son. I want him to have his kids back. My entire point is, if you’re going to be the ‘face’ of marijuana reform in Idaho, you can’t possibly believe that the cops aren’t just waiting for something on you. The kids have to come first. The law changes are important, but realistically, is that going to change in red state conservative populated Idaho, unless the federal govt. does it? The answer is no. I’m sorry, but this isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been pro weed for 35 years like I have. I’m not uneducated about this topic. I know about the benefits of marijuana for medicine. I wish the law wasn’t wrong and bad, but it is. I do know they will take your kids if they have a chance, so if you’re going to be the one out there, your house better be clean. In so many words. I hope you understand where I’m coming from, no one else even tried. (I know I didn’t help that any)

  • Free American

    This is why we own guns to stop B&E’S like this come on people grow some balls

  • Free American

    You aren’t a MOM you r a C*** and u should be ashamed of your self .
    I bet u rated them out

  • Well, they are dentures, but I’ve got my teeth, my jeans fit. I do live in a trailer, it might be a little rusty after the winter… I also hope the kids do get to go home right now! You assume, as has everyone here, that because I think they should put their kids welfare before their activism, that I am anti pot. If any one of you knew me, you would know how far from the truth you are. While you all sit here making judgments about me, I’ve been scared & worried for those two kids sitting in some state home or foster home. with strangers. Yeah, all of you talk & slam, but you quit thinking about what my grand kids are going through, what my son is going through, the moment you sign off here. Josh’s family can’t do that. We love him & the kids. Some things are more important than standing up for a cause, even a very good one like this. Kids should always be at the top of the list, with everything else coming after the children. Why don’t you try imagining children you love, scared and alone and confused. Wondering where their daddy is.

  • I am educated about cannabis, I know why they are activists. I would love to be living in a place where educating people didn’t put children at risk of being taken by the state. I’ve been making herbal medicine for my family for years, I believe in the goodness of herbs (yeah, even the illegal one) Why would I have custody of the kids, Josh is perfectly capable of taking care of them. I wish I had them instead of CPS right now, if we lived close to Boise, maybe they would be with us right now, but we don’t and they aren’t I doubt they would have given them to any family member. Especially when the 10 year old’s bio dad that lives down the street from Josh & his wife, didn’t even get a phone call from CPS saying they had his son. I know the truth, from what I’ve heard, Josh & his wife have taught the kids about it too. So I can say all of us are educated about medical marijuana in this family. I agree with the cause. I don’t agree that the cause is more important than my grand children’s happiness, safety and mental well being. You can’t get away with that in this state. Rally as much as you want, I’ll sign all the petitions, but get real and remember where we live. Idaho, one of the most conservative anti marijuana states there is. It’s common sense.

  • I’m very pleasant when I’m not being attacked. I don’t just take a bunch of shit from people, I always stand up for myself and taught my kids to do the same, maybe that’s why Josh is standing up so hard for this cause.
    I admit I’m not surprised that this happened, I am sick that it did happen, but Josh’s wife put herself out there in a huge spotlight, and living in this state that paints a big red bulls eye on your back. If that wasn’t 100% true, we wouldn’t be talking here. The kids were taken because my son & his wife are two of the most vocal and recognized people in this movement. Yes, it is police bullshit and I hope to god, nothing was found to further hurt Josh & the kids. I do not think it serves them right. I am sad it came down to this. I wonder if either of them think this was worth the damage it is doing to their kids now that CPS has them. Maybe all of you parents out there advocating for legalization need to realize, it isn’t safe for your families. I want it to be legal as much as any of you, but I would never jeopardize my kids’ safety & well being for it.

  • Good, you should. After all they need a family, and they have no one that cares, loves or is worried about them here…. Don’t be condescending to me and I wont be sarcastic to you.

  • You are wrong. I’m not ashamed. I will always believe the welfare of my grand kids should be put before anything else. I’ve been called a cunt by scarier people than you, to my face, I wasn’t intimidated then, and I’m certainly not concerned with you calling me one. You can tap on your keyboard until your balls shrivel up and roll away, and I will never agree that this cause is more important than the welfare of my grand kids. It’s in their best interest to be with their dad & in their home. Josh & his wife should have took that into more consideration than they did.

  • If I had ratted them out I would have been smart enough to put myself in a position to become their guardians or make sure they would come to my home. But I didn’t. I may be a lot of things but a back stabbing tattle tale nark isn’t and never has been one of those things. I raised my kids, I don’t want to raise my grand kids, I want my kids to raise their kids, not the state, not their other grandma.Just their parents, who they belong with!

  • You amuse me with your simple mindedness. I am pro activist. I don’t go to the capitol, or march in rallies, but I am totally in favor of decriminalization. I may be a bit old (50 in September), but the only thing I’m sad about is that two of my grand kids are not with their parents tonight, in their own beds, happy & safe. I’m glad to hear your mother is a paragon of virtue. I would say I should try to be less mouthy, but that doesn’t suit me. I’ve never allowed anyone to step on my toes or bully me, I raised my kids with the same ideals. So if I come off as the Bitch that I am it is because none of you seem to understand my simple point that the children should always 100% come before anything else in a parents life.

  • My anger starts with Josh & his wife not giving full thought to what could possibly happen when they decided to go so public in such an unfriendly marijuana state. I am also angry at a system that will take kids from pot smokers, yet leave them with abusers, and child rapists. Those two boys do not deserve to be scared and alone. They didn’t break any law. It sucks that Idaho is so harsh on people who use pot for medicine, or recreation. But it is, and it pisses me off that my kid didn’t think about that before he put himself and his kids in this predicament.

  • I was speaking directly to Tina and her comment about how much they love Josh & his family. I know very well that they aren’t the only ones out there doing this work. I’m guessing you’re not quite as involved as they are, I’ll go ahead and assume your kids are sleeping soundly and happily in their own beds tonight. What would I have you do? The same thing I want my own kid to do, put the kids before the cause. It’s an important cause, but in no way is it more important than those four boys sleeping in a strange place tonight. If you can’t see that they should be more important, then I have to question your dedication to your kids. (assuming you have kids)

  • Yeah, that’s why they are not at home sleeping in their own beds tonight, safe & sound in their home… Your argument is invalid.

  • Ha! You must be kidding. I didn’t say anything about their parenting skills. I believe the kids should be put before any cause. They are sleeping in a strange place tonight because they weren’t put first, in this issue. I never said Josh is a bad parent. I failed in front of God huh? That’s OK he forgave me. The whole world, I don’t care what they think, just like I don’t care what you think. I feel terrible that two innocent boys (four actually) are scared and confused tonight, not knowing what will happen to them. I am not miserable though. You can’t win this argument with that stupidity. I’m right about the kids being more important than this cause. If you disagree I feel sorry for your kids, and have to wonder how any parent could put their lives and the lives of their kids in such an unknown situation with the pot activist community. Sorry, it isn’t more important than those boys are.

  • What good does finger pointing and second guessing do us now. Focus and let get those children home were the belong.

  • Doc O’Zee

    (then I’m not alone … phew)

  • When will this senseless rights violating crusade against a harmless plants and its advocates end? People cry afoul at the fact that parents have Cannabis on the property with their children. Why? Why not cry afoul at the heavily armed government funded SS storm troopers raiding houses with m-16s and AR-15s? Doesn’t the public find this inappropriate? These children are now subject to PTSD from the Police State Interaction at their home. Cannabis is less toxic than your front yard where you apply 2,4-D people. This needs to end now before more families are torn apart! This community should some together and bring these people home…

  • Rocky

    Just another example of a petty tactic used in Idaho to intimidate and harass a family in the privacy of their own home because the kids were talking about a plant… the most medicinal plant on the planet. I just hope Lindsey can get her children back and they can move forward and thru this.

  • Theresa Knox

    That’s the way activism works– you take on one of us, you take on all of us. It’s called unity. I do have children, and they are a huge part of *why* I’m an activist, just like Lindsey, Josh, and Sarah. Shirl, don’t you understand that *every* single patient that chooses to use Cannabis as opposed to making themselves sicker with legal prescription meds, runs the exact same risk of losing their children? You don’t have to be in the public eye, in fact it’s worse if you aren’t, because no one picks up the story, no one knows, and nothing changes. Thousands of families have this happen to them every year, but somehow for Josh and Lindsey it’s because they are activists?? The only difference attributable to activism is the nearly $2,500 dollars raised in less than 24 hours for their legal fees and the rest of us out here spreading the word like mad. No, I’m not ‘quite’ as involved as Lindsey and Josh… that’s because they are incredibly dedicated and willing to make the end of Cannabis users’ persecution a top priority in their lives (be calm, I said ‘a’ top priority, not ‘the’) and I’m sorry you are so closed-minded about this issue but look to Women’s rights, and the self-emancipation of African Americans, and maybe you can get a clue about how important freedom is, and those who fight for it while it’s dangerous and unpopular. Also, they champion several causes, not just the Cannabis, all of which have to do with individual liberty as well as that of our nation. Put the kids first, you say? That’s what every single activist is doing. As long as people take your sheepy view of ‘don’t do anything that might attract attention’, the law wins… that’s why they claim endangerment and take children away, to keep us terrified and inactive. *They* are the ones using children as pawns! It’s difficult for me to believe that you can’t see how important their work is. Beyond that, I cannot believe how unsupportive you are being. And how much energy and time you’ve wasted trashing them when you could have been praying, spreading the word, raising money, or helping in *any* conceivable way.

  • Theresa Knox

    Blood ties are not the only definition of family. These people are our family. Notice we’re the ones jumping to defend them, instead of saying they got what they had coming… that’s called unconditional love and support.

  • Theresa Knox

    Stop acting like a child, and you’ll find a lot less condescension aimed your way.

  • HEY WOMAN THAT BIRTHED JOSH…..GO AWAY!!! We All Could Really Care Less To Hear Your Bla Bla Bla NEGATIVE CRAP Anymore. You Are NOT A Real Mom…A Real Mom Would NEVER Go To A Public Forum And Tear Down Their Child To A Bunch Of Strangers. You Are In Fact An ENERGY SUCKER That Feeds Off Of The Positive Others Try To Bring Into The World. Josh, Lindsey And Sarah Are All 3 AMAZING PEOPLE That Deserve Hella More RESPECT Than You Have Even Attempted To Offer. Again..We Are NOT INTERESTED In Your NEGATIVE CRAP….GO AWAY!!!!

  • None Of Your Business. GO AWAY!!!

  • PLEASE!!! This Is Getting To Be A Sad Situation And Her Constant Bashing Of Some Of The Most AMAZING PEOPLE I Know Is Makin Me Bonkers.

  • Well…Here Is Where You Are Sooooooooooo WRONG!!! Most Of Us Here ARE THEIR FAMILY And Would Do ANYTHING To Protect Them..So Why Dont You Go Back To Your Rock And BE GONE!!! I Love Josh, Lindsey, Sarah And All Of Those Kids As If They Were My Blood..Ohhhh Something YOU Have No Clue How To Do….. So Before You Start Throwing Around FAMILY Why Dont You Look Up The Meaning And See Where You Made YOUR Mistake.

  • And They Will ALWAYS Have Unconditional Love And Support From This End. 😉 U Tooooooo My Theresa.

  • 1 <3

  • We Remember Peter

    hoping for the best, for everyone involved.(hoping i’m making sense as i am sick.)

  • BowMtnSpirit

    Is there any way I could get Theresa Knox or Sarah Frank to shoot me an e-mail? I may have some helpful news.

  • Jetdoc

    And therein lies the problem… What have YOU done to assure that those kids sleep in a familiar place tonight? I’m not judging you but if you haven’t done anything to HELP your son in the past 5 yrs, you also need to look at YOURSELF! You can say it was HIS choice, his actions etc… but when that person isn’t there anymore, you’ll think differently. What have YOU done lately to mend whatever fences are broken with your son. You say you “… raised your kids.” I hate to tell you this lady but being a PARENT, doesn’t just STOP when they turn 18. Thinking so… to me shows immaturity on MANY fronts. Trust me when I say this…. there WILL come a day, in which you DEEPLY REGRET being estranged from your family. One day, things will change and then you’ll really see how STUPID these family fights are! I speak from experience! May God Bless you and look over your Son and Daughter in law… but most of all over the children. Pointing fingers at him and jumping up and down saying HE DID IT HIMSELF… IT’S ALL HIS OWN FAULT, in no way is productive and one I honestly can’t even fathom. To THINK like that when your CHILD is in trouble, you DON’T go on the internet and kick him in the teeth while he’s down. A GOOD parent, steps into see what THEY can do to help their child out. Not necessarily getting them OFF, or saving their ass, but doing everything you CAN to help make their lives easier. THAT’S what parenting’s about. Not pointing fingers at your son and say it’s your fault… blah, blah, blah… the kids. STAND UP. SWALLOW YOUR EGO and see what you can do to HELP your child instead of demeaning him over it. I’m SURE that there’s some things he’d like to do over, but what’s done is done and it’s YOUR job as a parent to HELP your child when you see them in trouble. ESPECIALLY when you KNOW how much BS it REALLY is that the kids were removed in the first place. But be a PARENT and step in and see what you can do for your son and his wife… afterall, they ARE the parents of those Grandchildren you purport to love so much!

  • I do understand that every person who uses marijuana for medicine is at risk. I understand and support Lindsey’s wish to feel better without using the chemical drugs. I honestly understand all of this. Again, what I don’t understand is not being extremely careful, making sure there is no ‘medicine’ in the house when you know you’re a very likely target, and the risk the kids are subjected to because of it. I am so not close minded about this. I don’t think they shouldn’t be doing what is good for the cause. I know the cops and CPS are bastards. I also know that if you’re going to use in Idaho you have to be careful when you have kids. It’s common sense. I am amazed that you all see this as unsupportive and mean, I’m incredibly concerned for the well being of those boys. I love them. I love my son. I don’t want any of them to be put through this mental anguish. Seriously, if you can’t understand what I am saying and try to see it from my spot, then we are both wasting our time. You don’t know where my energy has been in this, except for what you’ve read here, you don’t know what I’m doing to help. For being so open minded you sure can’t seem to get the fact that you’re assuming so much bad stuff about me & my comments that it’s clouding your eyes to what I’m really saying. Have a nice day.

  • Where did I say they got what’s coming to them?????? I’m glad they have all of you to love & support them, I would hate to think they don’t have a community that cares about them. I certainly do, and no they aren’t all blood.Every one who calls me Mama Shirl can tell you how much I do love unconditionally. NONE of you know me. You all assume I’m terrible, because I am pissed that those boys got taken in the first place. Then I stood up for myself against all of you. I say what I mean, I believe in family, blood or not and I love Josh & those boys with all of my heart.

  • I can’t argue with you about parenting being forever. Josh lived with us until he was 24. I was involved in their life everyday until 5 years ago. I’ve tried to mend the fence, but that takes two. Last month Josh cam & visited us, we thought things were going to start to be better. I hope they will continue to be between him & I. I only said, they need to put the kids before their activism. I blame the police state that is Idaho for the kids being taken, but I also blame Josh & Lindsey for not being 100% sure they had nothing the cops or CPS could use against them. I know it’s bullshit that they were targeted, but being a parent also means you take responsibility for every part of your minor child’s life, well being and happiness. Especially when you’re in the spot light. What have I done to help them? I would do whatever I can do if they would answer the phone and talk to me. I call, leave messages, they don’t call back. I am nice, not confrontational when I call. Josh knows all of this, he knows how tight our family is. He & Lindsey are the only ones who haven’t been part of our blood family for the past 5 years. Our other 3 kids and 7 grand kids are with us often. We love big and we fight too. All of us are out spoken and we all work it out when someone goes too far. Josh & Lindsey are the only ones who have refused to even try to meet me half way. I wish you people could understand how connected we all were before the bullshit that went on 5 years ago happened. I’m not the only one in this, they have to at least answer the phone.

  • I don’t live near Boise, by the way. I’m 5 hours away, but I would be in my car yesterday, if I could have talked to Josh, and been allowed to help. I am willing, I need them to be open to the love & help I am offering. I would have given anything to be in Boise and had been able to take the kids when all this went down. From what I understand they didn’t even call Laustin’s dad and he lives down the street from Josh & lindsey. Had I been there would I have been contacted? I don’t know. But I’d be there for all of them if they would let me, or any of us. We have tried, they don’t answer us. And I’m the only one who had the fight with them. It is very frustrating to his siblings and his dad who have done nothing to be shut out, because they were (are?) pissed off at me.

  • I agree.

  • Brother Michael

    Here, here Brother John.
    Most police officers have alcohol problems, as do many lawyers, esp. the criminal ones!

  • I Think Chelsea is right, your un-called for language and attitued towards anyone and everyone, tells me you have a psychotic delusional disorder, talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. And do you like to talk!

  • Well, all this has been like reading a soap instead of watching one,–I think I’ll change the channel now, not enough commercials here.:)

  • Amen!

  • I don’t know you, but from reading this soap, it sounds like you can’t accept yourself for not teaching your son what you now preach.

  • You are the one that invited everyone when you asked for help on a public post, not very bright are, huh?

  • drew

    So what your saying is once you have children just shut up, do as your told and keep your head down. Sorry but I think in the future these children will probably be quite proud of their parents standing up against an unfair, antiquated, unenforceable and costly [in so many ways] law. The laws are wrong and the police ‘force’ are utilizing everything to demonize, attack and abuse those who rail against it.
    But you can ignore and denigrate this as you wish. I’m just another ‘clueless pot head’.

    By the way what would be the excuse for your cluelessness I wonder.

  • Brian

    Hey Guest. Your on here busting peoples balls for donations for your kids. When they are actually doing just that, so why the fuck you here. Why ain’t you out busting your ass just like these other people are and getting donation for your kid that you supposedly love. You on here talking shit to everyone and everything else is not helping at all. All your doing is making yourself look like an ass. So why don’t you do something constructive because what your doing here isn’t. Oh and you should be able to go after those kids even in CPS your there grandmother, so unless you have something in your background that tells them not to give them to you, then you have the ability to go in and fight for those kids too. But instead your on your computer sitting here bashing people. GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND GO HELP YOUR SON AND GRANDCHILDREN.

  • Lindsey Rinehart

    Josh’s mom is the one with the negative comments. There is negative family history which is why we don’t speak to her. This is her lashing out. If you could Please not remove these comments so she can show her true colors I would appreciate it very much. Thanks Steve for the article!!

  • Lindsey Rinehart

    You don’t even know her and you PEGGED it on the head Tina, and that’s coming from JOSH, not me.

  • Lindsey Rinehart

    A close family friend and activist.
    Thank you for the discussion with Josh. I’m glad that this thread is over and done with for our family shit.

  • DdC222

    Child Protection Racket (raw)

    Children taken from mom in pot raid inflame Butte
    Michigan Father Killed in Marijuana Child Removal Incident
    40 Years of Drug War Failure Represented in a Single Chart


    “Marijuana is one of the least toxic substances
    in the whole pharmacopoeia”
    ~ Professor Lester Grinspoon,
    Harvard Medical School, USA

    Ganja Mothers, Ganja Babies
    Happy Mothers Day of Action
    Mothers Against the Drug Czar’s War on Kids
    Dare has stranglehold on Drug education!
    Communities should have alternatives to using the DARE program, becuause of it’s ineffectiveness. There are other programs out there infinitely more effective, but DARE has a stranglehold on drug education. DARE has, you stated contributed to increased drug use, and should be replaced with a more effective program. DARE gets some of it’s funding from Pharmaceutical companies.

    Treating Behavioral Disorders in Children with Ritalin 10/11/01
    Columbian schoolchildren sprayed from above 08/26/00
    Three million children receiving stimulant drugs for ADHD

    Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes
    Text of Jamaican Study on Prenatal effects
    Ganja 4 ADHD
    Ganja 4 PTSD & Depression

    “Our youth can not understand why society chooses to criminalize a behavior with so little visible ill effect or adverse social impact… These young people have jumped the fence and found no cliff. And the disrespect for the possession laws fosters a disrespect for laws and the system in general… On top of this is the distinct impression among the youth that some police may use the marihuana laws to arrest people they don’t like for other reasons, whether it be their politics, their hair style or their ethnic background.” “Federal and state laws (should) be changed to no longer make it a crime to possess marijuana for private use.” ; “State laws should make the public use of marijuana a criminal offense punishable by a $100 fine. Under federal law, marijuana smoked in public would merely be subject to seizure.” ; President Richard M. Nixon’s National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse
    “Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding” March 1972

    Jeffrey’s Journey
    Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ List
    The psychiatric history of Debbie Jeffries’ son suggests a complicated, multi- diagnosis developmental disorder. Mrs. Jeffries, after learning about cannabis as a medicine and deciding that, given its limited toxicity, she had little to lose in exploring the possibility that it might be helpful to her son where other, more toxic medicines had failed. The remarkable success she and her son achieved with marijuana is certain to generate controversy.

    Medical marijuana: a valuable treatment for autism?

    Family uses medical marijuana to treat severely autistic son
    Medical marijuana is a controversial treatment option for adults – let alone children. But Jeremy Echols, of Oregon, says that that the drug is helping his autistic – and severely self-destructive – 11-year-old son, Alex.

    Autism and Medical Marijuana

    The majority of prohibitionists profit on the drug war,
    and that is their only motive.

    When leaders act contrary to conscience

    Policing for Profit
    GOP Mogul Behind Drug Rehab ‘Torture’ Centers
    Calvina Fay Prohibition Inc.
    Religious drug treatment in Texas
    Shame on the Drug Worrier Profiteers
    Judges Caging Kids for Cash
    NeoConflicts of Interest

    Tincture Cannabis FL Ext. Cannabis, U.S.P.,
    Eli Lilly & Company Indianapolis, IN USA
    One Pint (475 CC.) Fluid Extract (Cannabis Sativa)
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    Antidotes-Emetics to remove as much as possible.
    Strong Coffee as a respiratory stimulant.


    “There is a point at which the law becomes immoral and unethical. That point is reached when it becomes a cloak for the cowardice that dares not stand up against blatant violations of justice. A state that supresses all freedom of speech, and which by imposing the most terrible punishments, treats each and every attempt at criticism, however morally justified, and every suggestion for improvement as plotting to high treason, is a state that breaks an unwritten law.”
    – Kurt Huber,
    The head of “White Rose”,
    killed by the Nazis in 1943

  • Sweets Laurie Packerluver

    Joshs mom needs to sit in a corner and get a book and get educated to the REAL advantages and benefits of the herbal medicine that has been put on this earth to cure most all cancers and medical problems that involve muscles and joints. The herb has been found to be here on earth for more than 1000 years ago. If you have problems with your son and his family you really should step back; look at yourself in your mirror and ask yourself why you are breaking your childs heart and lusting on pain. You are a negative nanny who needs to get a life!!!!!

  • DdC222

    Cops Raid Home of MJ Activists; Seize Child

    Conservatives Have Larger ‘Fear Centers’ in Their Brains

    Most likely due to…

    Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency gsc

    So now that cannabis is returning to the wonder plant Jefferson thought it was. Should the cops check drivers and workers urine for cannabinoid deficiency?

    When leaders act contrary to conscience
    “We must act contrary to leaders.”
    ~ Veterans Fast for Life


    The Victims of the War on Drugs pt1 ☮ pt2

  • Cheryl Costigan

    Gave what I could! Share, share, share!

  • drmaddogs

    But many, many, many children are left with drunken parents because it requires a huge effort to remove them by the courts. Drunks , essentially, get preference over Mj users in the courts concerning childcare, going against all studies showing vast evidence of Alcoholic based abuse.
    This is another example of where the Government is not regulated -concerning child care by Mj users, because Government wishes there to be no regulation in Mj.

  • Arunigrace

    How do these *cops* sleep at night knowing that they’re ripping apart families while meth dealers keep up their reigns of terror all over the state? The truth is that they’re afraid. They pick the weaker people because the meth dealers would control them even more than they already have.

    It’s time to start stoners only communities. We should work with our own, socialize with our own, pray(or not) with our own, and use our incomes to support our own. We should move the hell away from these nutjobs with no sense of priority.
    If there are landlords, motel owners, land owners(Native nations I’m talking to you) or bosses reading this: We’ll move to start our own communities if you supply the space.We can pool our incomes to start intentional communities.

    If these cops pick on us knowing there are far worse criminals out there we will use our tax dollars are pay for our OWN peace and police officers.

    It’s time for stoner communities to begin and all of these cops will be left to handle the real criminals.

  • Shadow

    To the so called “mom” who doesn’t think her child should have put his children is this danger.What danger do you think Martin Luther King Jr’s children were exposed to ? Do you think he should have stopped his civil rights activism because of it ? The people in power don’t give a damn who they hurt,as long as they continue to get their way. And, they will do things like this just to terrorize the rest of the people to obey them.So,do we all just bury our heads in the sand ? Or,do we fight for what we believe in and think is right ?

  • Jason

    hello to the parents, if you want to speak with me, it is ok to do so. I have been through this exact thing,.and I have information you will need to know. I wont go into it on here but my email is
    Peace and much love

  • Drake David

    EVERYONE needs to pay attention to this it is FEDERAL LAW that any and all Warrants for SEARCH MUST be served on the person of interest. It is duely stated here that the people of search warrants of issue where not home. Fore which this is illegal search and seizure this is well documented at all state and federal levels. Just as if you are at a home which you live at if you rent a room out to someone unless that persons name is on the search warrant the cops are NOT allowed to search that persons personal area unless 2 things are met 1 person be present and 2 the persons name on the search warrant otherwise it is ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE.

    The cops will use there disabilities against them in this in knowledge that they can not afford anything but a public pretender who will tell them to take the state deal so they get off easy other wise they will lose everything. When in truth a REAL attorney would file immediately a law suite against the police and get them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cops will lie and say this was not a serving of a search warrant but a active investigation raid. Anyone who does not know this term will be suckered to believe they have no options. YOU DO a active RAID must have a under cover office or NARC on site that can testify of a breaking of the law at the time of the raid other wise this is illegal search and seizure.

  • Young

    Backwoods Moron State, Its ok to smoke gunpowder in Idaho. But you dare try and have any fun you will see a perfect example how a police state works.
    Idaho is ran by a certain religious cult that has all the power here. They have all the good jobs and rule over all us heathens. In till people ever wake up here and run them back to utah, we will forever get what we deserve. I wont be coming back here so if you good old boys bitch about what i have just said about the great state of idaho, i wrote be reading it. LMAO

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  • woodsman82

    Any drug abused to a ridiculous extent can be bad for your health, legal or illegal. I think it’s our right as individuals to choose what we do consume though. Marijuana used in moderation certainly won’t be deadly and certainly should not be treated any different than tobacco or alcohol. Thus I’m totally in agreement that nobody should be arrested for smoking marijuana at their own residence, or in some bar where marijuana smoking is allowed. The government loves taxes, so you can bet if we get it legalized in Idaho, they will only allow it if they can make money off of it…. but that’s better than the alternative.

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