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Gemma Moss, R.I.P. [BNPS]

Gemma Moss, R.I.P.

A U.K. woman did not die of “cannabis poisoning,” despite inaccurate reports in the British press.

How does one die from “poisoning” when the substance in question is one of the most non-toxic substances known to man? That’s a very relevant question to be asking today, as a British story of a woman dying supposedly of “cannabis poisoning” went viral on the web. Doctors and cannabis experts tell us that someone “overdosing on marijuana” is ridiculous, and virtually impossible.

The nonsense apparently first ran in The Telegraph, then it quickly spread to other British tabloids, such as The Daily Mail and the Mirror. Gemma Moss, a 31-year-old “devout Christian” and mother of three, “is believed to have become the first woman in Britain to die directly from cannabis poisoning,” The Telegraph‘s Sam Webb (who shall never again dwell in the land of factual journalists) gravely reported. Even Moss’ local paper, the Bournemouth Daily Echodid her the disrespect of reporting her death as “the first woman in Britain to die of cannabis poisoning.”

Coroner Sheriff Payne reportedly found that Moss had “moderate to high levels of pot in her system” (remember, marijuana is non-toxic), thus attributed her death to “cannabis toxicity” (which is patent nonsense) after consulting with one Dr. Kudair Hussein, a pathologist. Since the postmortem could find no natural cause for her death, Payne claimed “with the balance of probability that it is more likely than not she died from the effects of cannabis” — thus launching a new pot myth and worldwide media firestorm.

cabbanis31n-2-web“Miss Moss’ death was registered as cannabis toxicity and a coroner has recorded a verdict of death by cannabis abuse,” according to The Telegraph.

“I looked through literature and it’s well known that cannabis is of very low toxicity,” Dr. Hussein said. “But there are reports which say cannabis can be considered as a cause of death because it can induce a cardiac arrest.”

According to a Bournemouth inquest, Moss smoked half a joint every night, to help her get to sleep. Her friend, Zara Hill, said the smoked about £20 worth of cannabis together in the week before her death, reports Steven Smith at the Daily Echo.

“In 40 years I have never come across deaths from cannabis alone,” said David Raynes of the National Drug Prevention Alliance. “There have been cases where it has been combined with other drugs or alcohol.”

On the night of October 28, Moss went to bed after rolling a joint. She was found unresponsive the next morning by Chloe Wilkinson, girlfriend of Moss’ teenage son.

“One doctor’s note should not take precedence over decades of research demonstrating it is impossible to die from a marijuana overdose,” Mason Tvert, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), told Toke Signals Thursaday afternoon. “The fact that this is ‘news’ is telling, as it’s only novel because there is no significant evidence that it has ever happened before. That raises a lot of questions about it’s validity and the doctor’s competence.”

“According to all available studies, there has never been a death linked directly to cannabis use in human history,” agreed MPP’s communications manager, Morgan Fox. “We can blame cannabis prohibition and the stigma attached to the study of the plant’s effects for the relative ignorance of physicians when it comes to cannabis and the endocannabinoid system,” Fox told Toke Signals.

“The pathologist involved really needs to do more research on the subject instead of brushing off the cause of this young woman’s death on the first available explanation,” Fox said. “Her family and the general public deserve better.”

cabbanis31n-3-web“That’s either inaccurate or the worst satire article I’ve ever read,” MPP’s director of federal policies, Dan Riffle, told us Thursday afternoon. “It is estimated that someone would have to consume upwards of 1,500 pounds of marijuana in a sitting to induce a lethal overdose. According to the DEA’s own administrative law judge, it’s impossible to lethally overdose on marijuana.”

“It is highly unlikely that Gemma Moss died from smoking marijuana,” Lisa Roche-Kuprian, RN, CCRC, CRNI told Toke Signals. “It is my professional opinion that additional toxicology testing and a full autopsy be performed to rule out underlying medical conditions before placing blame on marijuana as a cause of death.”

“Reports out of the U.K. that a woman has died from cannabis use appear wildly assumptive,” Americans for Safe Access (ASA) spokesman Kris Hermes told Toke Signals. “Given that there are no known fatalities as a result of cannabis use anywhere in the world, it seems implausible, to say the least, that Gemma Moss died from her moderate cannabis use.

“Officials seemed to quickly accept Dr. Hussein’s assessment without scrutiny, which disregards the established science on cannabis — that its therapeutic benefits are widely known, while reports of fatalities due to cardiac arrest or any other medical condition are nonexistent,” Hermes said. “Indeed, millions of people around the world have used cannabis in far greater quantities than Ms. Moss with little to no adverse side effects.”

“The headline indicating this woman was ‘poisoned’ by marijuana is misleading,” Sabrina Fendrick, director of woman’s outreach for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) told us. “What the doctor in the article actually says is that this woman died from cardiac arrest, not overconsumption, which means marijuana was not the direct cause — as opposed to alcohol poisoning.

“Decades of research have shown that it is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana, and unfortunately some doctors refuse to accept this fact and seek to push their own agenda,” Fendrick told us. “More likely than not, there were other factors at hand such as the use of other drugs, pharmaceutical narcotics, or alcohol.”

Fendrick makes a good point. Since Moss was reportedly taking prescription antidepressants — and deaths from antidepressants aren’t uncommon, while deaths from cannabis just don’t happen — it’s quite possible that her death was due to pharmaceuticals and was simply (and conveniently) blamed on marijuana. Gemma Moss was under the care of Big Pharma, and taking their products, when she died — and now, sadly, her death is being used as an excuse for benighted drug warriors to claim “cannabis can kill you.”

New York Daily News Gets It Right

To its credit, the New York Daily News didn’t jump on the bandwagon, as did so many other news outlets. “The coroner who said ‘cannabis poisoning’ killed a British mother-of-three is likely blowing smoke,” wrote reporter Michael Walsh.

Mason Tvert, Marijuana Policy Project: "Quote" [Westword]

Mason Tvert, Marijuana Policy Project:
“One doctor’s note should not take precedence over decades of research showing it is impossible to die of a marijuana overdose”

“From half a joint? That’s ridiculous,” reacted Dr. Yasmine Hurd, professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Bradley Flansbaum, a hospitalist at Lenox Hill Hospital, agreed; both physicians said it was possible for a person to die after smoking pot if it had been laced with another drug. But the person would have died from the other drug — not from cannabis.

“It would be very, very, very unlikely to get a lethal dose of marijuana if it wasn’t adulterated with something,” Dr. Flansbaum said.

Both doctors also agreed that smoking could aggravate an existing heart condition, which could result in a person’s death. But again, the heart condition — not the marijuana — would be responsible for the person’s death, the physicians agreed.

“You would need to literally consume a third of your body weight in marijuana,” Tvert said. “There are no acute marijuana deaths.”


  • Wikilinks

    I bet you 100% on my life that she died From Sexual Arousal. It’s actually a known as a thing for woman at her age to die from sudden Sexual arousal. More common in Men then in woman but that is Exactly what killed her. It’s a very good possibility that Sexual Arousal could have killed her. Marijuana Toxicity is Lower then Peanut butter. So Marijuana is Absolutely ruled out.

  • Charles Waller

    I noticed the original articles cited a half smoked joint was found under her body, but no mention of it being tested for synthetic cannabinoids or other contaminants or toxic substances. My first thought was if nothing else is found I would not be surprised if testing revealed low grade cannabis adulterated with synthetic cannabinoids.

  • Gregory Paul Smith

    That’s ridiculous. Sounds like you have some serious sexual hang ups.

  • Great article thankyou. I would like to apologise for the British media. They peddle all kinds of shit. They also encourage racial hatred and have no qualms about ruining people’s lives with utter lies. They are disgusting. Mostly.

  • jcalex

    Their Muslim Brothers told them to say that.

  • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

    Finally a good piece, im tired of the likes of CLEAR formerly Legalise Cannabis Alliance who has put this propgandist link of death from Cannabis on their websites 3 times daily since it happened, its liek they are forcing us to accept Cannabis did kill, when I said to Peter look it does not affect the medula oblangada which, controls the heart rate and the lung function, like all other drugs do affect this region and hence, kill by shutting down our major organs. He claimed that was too simplistic, I could only say sorry research Professor David Nutt, Professor Carl Hart these Neuropharmacologists who say the exact same as I quoted. So yes it is that simple for the experts.

  • Rubbish Azzam! I said no such thing! I’m afraid evangelising about cannabis will achieve nothing. You need to be much calmer, more measured and above all honest in what you say!

  • AstroSmurf

    They place it on their website to cause discussion only..

  • dan

    It was the 12 day binge on Meth that killed her!!

  • AstroSmurf

    Big Pharma killed her. “Anti-depressants”

  • Michael Leyland Smith

    Congratulations, this article should be published in every newspaper and online publication immediately. There will always be scaremongers, but this should quieten them for a minute or two.

  • Kack MJay

    Seriously? You, Peter Reynolds – a man known to lie in the past about big issues – telling someone they should be honest in what they say?

    *Ahem* http://peter-reynolds-watch.com/2013/12/definition-achievement/

    I better watch what I say though. I wouldn’t want some kind of bullshit defamation case pursued against me!

  • Charles Waller

    From the DailyMail article, for what it’s worth. “‘She
    suffered from depression and was on prescription drugs to try and deal
    with that although it would not appear she was taking them at the time
    of her death.” I’m unaware of any of the standard anti-depressants which would be the direct cause of sudden death such as this. I haven’t kept up with the newer ones being marketed, since I don’t take any pharmaceuticals routinely, but I did go through a lengthy process of elimination of the standard ones when I was still in hopes of finding one that works without serious adverse effects. Wellbutrin caused the least impact, and I used a low dosage while still required by OPM to supply psychiatric evaluations at the drop of a hat. When that requirement was lifted, I stopped Wellbutrin.

  • I have never told a lie about ‘big issues’ and if you can’t see straight through the ridiculous hate site then you’re one of the very few!

  • Lisa Roche

    I’m on my dumb phone, so I can’t post links right now, but there are many documented cases of sudden cardiac arrest after smoking pot, perhaps related to underlying medical conditions. If you do a search you can easily find good data.

  • kevin_hunt

    Your dumb phone yields only dumb data. There is no credible evidence that marijuana causes heart attacks.

  • Lisa Roche

    Kevin_hunt, A cardiac arrest is not a heart attack. A heart attack is caused by a blocked artery….which could lead to a cardiac arrest…so you might be confused regarding the terminology…I was responding to 2buds4me who was looking for links to data. I never stated that marijuana is the cause of cardiac events, however, data regarding sudden cardiac arrest after marijuana use exists, there are documented cases in peer reviewed medical journal’s of people with and without underlying medical conditions who have suffered a cardiac arrhythmia and sudden cardiac arrest after smoking marijuana. Our physicians rely on these journal articles, so it is important to know what type of data they read. I never said that marijuana is dangerous or was a cause of these events, nor did I defend the sources of data. I told him to do a google search because I know that there is data out there because I won’t be able to access a computer until tomorrow, and I don’t have a smart phone to share links for him. I think we can have an educated discussion about this issue, and not immediately throw away any information because all knowledge, good and bad, is power. Make it a good day

  • vegansareattentionseekers

    If any one wants to enquire further into ‘Doctor’ Husseins findings he can be contacted on (44) 12026 65511.

  • ButcombeMan

    The San Francisco Medical Examiners Toxicologist does not appear to agree:


    The medical examiner’s office has even begun to list “marijuana intoxication” as the cause of death on some death certificates.

  • ButcombeMan

    Believe that if you want to. There are very few ocurences but they do exist.

  • ButcombeMan

    Surely CLEAR is just reporting what the Coroner decided? I am not known for defending them.
    Given the vast numbers now using cannabis it is unsurprising that the odd person will have very adverse effects. It does seem to involve possibly, a pre existing, maybe unrecognized heart problem.

  • ButcombeMan

    Liliana Bachs, MD, Senior Medical Officer at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, et al., wrote in their article “Acute Cardiovascular Fatalities Following Cannabis Use,” published by Forensic Science International in 2001:

    “Cannabis is generally considered to be a drug with very low toxicity. In this paper, we report six cases where recent cannabis intake was associated with sudden and unexpected death. An acute cardiovascular event was the probable cause of death. In all cases, cannabis intake was documented by blood analysis.”

  • ButcombeMan

    Bachs, MD, Senior Medical Officer at the Norwegian Institute of Public
    Health, wrote in a Nov. 28, 2005 email to ProCon.org:

    “Causality is a
    difficult assessment in forensic toxicology. It is often an ‘exclusion
    diagnosis,’ and so it is in our cases. I’m therefore not sure about how
    to classify those deaths.

    At the time I published that study [see above] I would probably not
    classify [the cannabis] as primary causation because it was not broadly
    accepted that [a death from cannabis] could occur at all. Today I see
    reports coming all the time that acknowledge cannabis cardiovascular
    risks, and the situation may be different.”

    Nov. 28, 2005 – Liliana Bachs, MD

  • ButcombeMan

    Geller, MD, Associate Professor of Child Neurology at the Saint Louis
    University Health Sciences Center, et al., wrote in their article
    “Cerebellar Infarction in Adolescent Males Associated with Acute
    Marijuana Use,” published in Pediatrics in Apr. 2004:

    “Each of the 3
    cannabis-associated cases of cerebellar infarction was confirmed by
    biopsy (1 case) or necropsy (2 cases)… Brainstem compromise caused by
    cerebellar and cerebral edema led to death in the 2 fatal cases.”

    Apr. 2004 – Thomas Geller, MD

  • painkills2

    There are some medications that, when used with anti-depressants, can cause someone to stop breathing. However, I believe these are all listed on the label as restrictions.

    Anti-depressants don’t have a very good track record for success, especially at low doses. I hope you have access to medical cannabis, but since you’re posting on this website, I guess you probably do. This toke’s for you!

  • painkills2

    Adverse effects are one thing, maybe even attributable to allergies (or something). But when someone has a peanut allergy, do we blame the peanut?

    One of the papers you cited mentions “cannibas-associated” cases — would that be like a peanut-associated case?

    The first case included 3 patients with a problem in their brain, and the second involved 6 patients with a heart problem. These cases don’t seem related at all.

    The problem is saying that cannabis is the cause, without some sort of reason why, especially considering it is non-toxic.

    I think you’re grasping for straws here… how come?

  • painkills2

    Have some respect for the dead.

  • painkills2

    Sorry, I tried to read the article on that website, but couldn’t concentrate because of the loud video that would not stop playing. If you want, post some relevant quotes from the article… I love a good fight. 🙂

  • ButcombeMan

    Cannabis is a toxin, but then so is alcohol.

    I am not grasping at anything, just pointing out that this death is on all fours with others that are being reported. Given the increase in cannabis use in California and the sophistication of their society, we can expect that to be the place able to provide the best long term trend analysis in years to come.

    If Peter Reynolds and Professor David Nutt are prepared to concede that cannabis may have killed Gemma, why do you have a problem with that possibility?

    As Peter has said, the risk is still statistically very low. That does not mean it is non existent. Actually he seems pretty mature about it. Credit to him.

  • Charles Waller

    If you could link the info on those pharmaceuticals, I would greatly appreciate it. No, unfortunately I do not have access to cannabis without risk of prosecution – one of many reasons I advocate for the end of prohibition.

  • painkills2

    I’m really sorry to hear you have no access to medical cannabis — I used to live in Texas and had to move to do so. (An expensive endeavor, to be sure.)
    As for anti-depressants, I’ve tried almost all of them, as pain management doctors used to give them out like candy, and still do, I guess. This was more than a decade ago, and I know there were bad reactions of over-the-counter allergy medications and certain anti-depressants (something that wasn’t “discovered” until after a lot of harm had been done) — but, I believe warning labels now include that restriction.
    I’m not sure what link I could provide, but if you want to discuss a particular anti-depressant, maybe I could be of further help.

  • painkills2

    How can a drug that fights (and may prevent) cancer, and is a neuroprotectant be a toxin? I mean, we’re not talking about Botox here.

    As for long-term trends, I think cannabis will surprise everyone in that regard. But until there is some kind of statistical trend to the harms you are pointing too, it’s all just part of the fact that human beings can be harmed by just about anything.

    And why are you so concerned about a “statistically very low” risk? It sounds to me like you have an agenda. While there are plenty of cannabis activists who believe that this plant causes no harm whatsoever, most people understand that it is a drug and might be harmful to a small percentage of the population.

    Are peanuts more harmful than cannabis? Which causes more harm? Since peanut allergies have been shown to cause death, I’d say cannabis wins this fight too.

    Game, set, match!

  • ButcombeMan

    Cannabis use has been identified as a CAUSE of oral/thoracic cavity, cancers.

    It would be very surprising if some constituent(s) of cannabis did not have clinical possibilities. That does not mean that using cannabis is a health promoting activity, it is not. It is distinctly unhealthy, physically and mentally.



  • painkills2

    What would you call promoting alcohol? Sugary cereals and drinks? Prescription drugs? Coal? Or, how about doctors who promote and sell unproven and industry-bought medical treatments? Give me a break.

    And, depending on your medical condition, cannabis use IS healthy. Physically and mentally. In fact, it has proven to be a lifesaver in more cases than you can count. Take that statistical fact, roll it up, and smoke it.

    Why haven’t we cured cancer yet? Well, that was before cannabinoids entered the picture. Now, just stand back and watch.

    Back in the old days, they used to call people like you “squares.” I’m not sure what the politically-correct term is these days, so I’ll just stick with that one. You, sir, are a square. Good day.

  • Cannabis does not increase the risk of such cancers.

    This study shows that 10 to 20 years of marijuana use was associated with a significantly REDUCED risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.


  • Charles Waller

    It’s been a decade for me also, and my experience parallels your own. I asked for specifics because I am unaware of any which are directly implicated in cardiac arrest incidents. Currently, I am in the process of packing my excess belongings into storage after unsuccessfully spending 2.5 years trying to help my son & his mother (my first ex-wife) change their lifestyle. The one real success of this effort was making her quit abusing opioid pain killers as a condition of staying. Where I go from here is undetermined as yet – but it will certainly be somewhere I can resume my previous 7 years of hybridizing work, whether in a “legal” state or not. Best of luck to you in your new location.

  • painkills2

    I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read about opioid abuse and addiction from all over the world. Of course, it’s not the drug’s fault.

    One of the big problems within the pain management industry is its inability to understand the viability of long-term treatments. For the longest time, I didn’t even consider cannabis an option. Considering I spent 25 years on some medication or another for pain (lots of off-label use, of course) — ten years of that on dosages that would have likely killed a horse — I’m rather disgusted about all the time I wasted.

    If you were able to help your ex-wife stop abusing opioids, then why would you say this didn’t change their lifestyle? I’m not trying to pry or anything, but it was a little confusing.

    I am absolutely loving New Mexico — it is really beautiful here. We’ve got a legalization bill that may come up for a vote at the end of this year (Senator Pino, thanks!). I’m hoping that will bring prices down, as my medicine is very expensive. Actually, I’m thinking about Colorado, because I don’t think I can afford to wait around for the prices to drop. Good luck to you, Charles.

  • Logan JA

    I still say, check the joint for that bonsai fertilizer crap they make those herbal smokes with. I doubt it shows as THC as it is not THC nor cannabinoid at all. Re-do the tox screen for more than just a typical OD screening.

  • Gregory Paul Smith

    I would suggest then a strain that contains more CBD, if he is having problems with panic attacks and paranoia.

  • James Lawton

    And yet I knew someone who did die from an allergic reaction to pot the first time he tried it. He was just 13 years old. The boy who smoked it with him ended up committing suicide some 20 years later after his alcoholism couldn’t reduce his guilt anymore. 2 deaths!

  • James Lawton

    Before anyone decides to smoke pot for the first time they should at least get tested to see if they are allergic. http://www.internalmedicinenews.com/single-view/marijuana-allergies-reactions-may-be-more-common-than-thought/3f53dcc257.html

  • Toobs

    The only instance of a cardiac event that I could find from a reputable source. The patient had an underlying heart condition that required a pacemaker. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2613898/

  • Dr. Greenthumb

    From your second link:

    “In summary, sufficient studies are not available to adequately evaluate marijuana impact on cancer risk.”

    More research–unbiased and longitudinal research–is necessary for any theory to be recognized as legitimate.

  • Dr. Greenthumb

    Not to be rude but do you have any sources for these anecdotal claims?

  • James Lawton
  • Rob Brown

    Internal Medicine News is Pharmaceutical and Medical supply marketing
    web site aimed at health care professionals. In other words. Doctors
    don’t prescribe marijuana, instead use our brand THC. It’s a clean drug
    manufactured to the highest quality standards. The test cites one
    Doctor’s name and claims saw allergic reactions from 17 out of 17
    patients tested. It’s on the internet though so it must be true! Pure


    smoking half a J of “leaves” as the article says not bud even ??? Apparently on this programme i watched it would take 100’s of joints in 20 minutes non stop to kill ya ……………someone want to fund this WELL HELL YEAH ILL GIVE IT MY ALL . its about time we debated at least the freedom to grow it personally an have a right consume one of natures intended. Bigger issues need addressing “youll never get a coroner say death by m**donalds or c**e an the benifits to some sick an disabled ..well the pharmacutical companies would go into liquidation

  • David Chen

    1500 lbs of marijuana for an overdose my ass. Around 1-5 lb of marijuana at once will kill you. Even 20 lbs of water in a few hours will kill you.

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