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shutterstock_1149043391Marijuana’s already against the law in Idaho, right? So, they don’t really need to, like, take another vote to keep it illegal. But those brave leaders in the Idaho Legislature did so, anyway, to make damn sure we all know just how badly they hate marijuana and scorn those who choose to use it, even for medical reasons.

The Idaho House on Wednesday voted 63-7 to approve an almost unbelievably idiotic resolution “declaring the Legislature’s opposition to the legalization of pot,” reports The Associated Press. The Senate passed the resolution last month.

Does the Idaho Legislature really and truly have nothing better to do?

Democrats who opposed the resolution argued it doesn’t actually do anything, and could easily be interpreted as the tut-tutting of lawmakers passing judgment on the political decisions of voters in other states. Ya think?!

Washington state, next door, may have legalized marijuana. But they’ll have none of that nonsense over in Idaho, no sirree!

He's a jackass! Rep. Luke Malek: "Quote" [KHQ]

He’s a jackass! Rep. Luke Malek said medical marijuana is a “farcical predatory scheme” that gives access to cannabis for people who don’t need it

The resolution sends a bad message to cancer patients and others with serious diseases who need marijuana for medical reasons, said Rep. Shirley Ringo (D-Moscow).

But Rep. Luke Malek (R-Coeur d’Alene), a real kinghell jackass, called medical marijuana a “farcical predatory scheme” that often gives people easy access to cannabis when they don’t have a medical need for it.

Sen. Chuck Winder (R-Boise), the benighted lawmaker who introduced the anti-pot resolution, credited “left-leaning” cities and “college towns” for the liberalization of pot laws in Washington and other states.

But Chuck thinks the good citizens of Idaho still see marijuana as a dangerous drug, and that the issue is part of a “culture war.”

(Salute to the seven members of the Idaho House who voted against this nonsense.)