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​I’ve been smoking marijuana for 36 years — since I was 17.

Coming of age in Alabama in the 1970s as a cannabis user, I learned one thing very clearly by getting busted for pot five times by the time I was 25 years old:

I don’t like the laws against marijuana.

They’re dumb, they don’t work, they don’t keep anyone who wants cannabis from getting it, and they destroy people’s lives for no good reason.

I decided to fight back with the facts.

That’s what I’ve been doing ever since, and that’s what put me on this path.

When I started in this fight, the prohibitionists were still trying to claim that marijuana grows tits on men. As interesting as that might be, it’s not true. That’s the kind of nonsense they peddle.

Yes, it seems the prohibitionists have a little problem with the truth. They are so eager to stop what they see as the menace of marijuana, they are willing to play fast and loose with the facts, and it’s not too hard to catch them in some whoppers.

I believe in the direct approach. The best way to fight lies is with the truth: fight back with the facts.




​The prohibitionists tell us that marijuana causes brain damage. The scientific research tells us that cannabinoids exert a neuro-protective effect — which, put in everyday language, means that cannabis not only does NOT kill brain cells — it protects them.

Cannabis is such a powerful neuro-protectant that scientific research shows pot exerts a protective effect against the damage of alcohol use. Now, I don’t recommend that anyone drink alcohol, but I know a lot of you do. And if you do drink, let me implore you to please smoke pot with it — it keeps the alcohol from killing as many brain cells.
Marijuana is good for your brain. Fight back with the facts.

The prohibitionists tell us that marijuana causes lung cancer. Scientific research — in fact, the biggest study ever done on marijuana and lung cancer, by Dr. Donald Tashkin at UCLA — shows that there is no association at all between smoking marijuana — even heavily and daily — and lung cancer. In fact, people who smoke only marijuana have a lower rate of lung cancer than people who don’t smoke at all. What this tells us is that cannabis, even smoked cannabis, exerts a protective effect against cancer.
Marijuana is good for your lungs. Fight back with the facts.

​The prohibitionists try to tell us that marijuana is not medicine. The scientific research tells us that cannabis can be a useful medical treatment for a wide range of diseases, and there are literally hundreds of scientific studies to back this up. For a 420-page listing of studies showing the effectiveness of medical marijuana, check out Granny Storm Crow’s list.
Marijuana is medically good for you. Fight back with the facts.

The prohibitionists tell us that smoking marijuana makes us stupid and lazy and unmotivated. But the scientific research tells us that cannabis smokers work harder and smarter than their non-toking brethren. The Rubin Study in Jamaica, published in the 1970s by Dr. Vera Rubin (look it up if you don’t believe me), shows that the hardest workers are the highest workers.
Marijuana is good for your motivation. Fight back with the facts.

The prohibitionists tell us that marijuana is a gateway drug. The scientific research tells us that not only is cannabis not a gateway drug, but is in fact an exit drug from hard drug use, which has shown to be invaluable in helping addicts of meth, cocaine and heroin, along with alcoholics, maintain abstinence from harmful substances.
Marijuana is good for stopping drug abuse. Fight back with the facts.

​The prohibitionists tell us that the smoking of marijuana by pregnant women results in lower birth weights and less intelligent babies. The scientific research tells us that toking mothers have babies that are just as healthy, with birth weights just as normal, as babies born of non-toking mothers.

And you know what else the research showed? That the babies of pot smoking mothers scored better on laboratory tests of cognition than babies of non-smoking mothers. Another independent scientific study showed that babies of marijuana-using mothers have a lower mortality rate than babies of mothers who didn’t use any drugs at all! The baby mortality rate among non-using mothers was 13.7 per 1,000 live births, while babies of toking mothers had a rate of only 8.9 deaths per 1000 births.
Marijuana is good for pregnant mothers and their babies. Fight back with the facts.

The prohibitionists tell us that marijuana causes car wrecks and that legalization will only increase the toll on our highways. The scientific research tells us that experienced pot smokers show no impairment on driving tests. I believe most of us can back this one up with personal experience, because cannabis makes many of us safer drivers.
Marijuana is good for your driving. Fight back with the facts.

The prohibitionists tell us that relaxing the marijuana laws will result in higher rates of usage in teens. The scientific research tells us that teen pot use rates are lower in the Netherlands — after they decriminalized cannabis — than in the United States with its harsher pot laws.
Marijuana legalization is good for teenagers. Fight back with the facts.


I would encourage each of you to learn all you can about this wonderful plant. Knowledge is power, brothers and sisters.

The more knowledge and experience you have around cannabis, the better able you will be to fight back with the facts when you hear someone tell lies about our sacred herb.

Fight Back With The Facts!


  • Touche’

  • Jake B

    Couldn’t agree more, helpful documentary in case anyone needs evidence to convince others that it is medically healthy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHnQ-YAqAsA

  • Cannaccuracy Please

    No smoke is good for the lungs. Saying smoking anything is good for the lungs is either wishful thinking or willful ignorance Cannabis smokers just happen to be lucky that cannabinoids keep lung cancer from developing because of their anti cancer properties. Cannabis smoke is still carcinogenic technically.

    And smoking still causes other disease states by impairing natural bronchial function. Cannabinoids are sticky waxy molecules and even when vaporized will leave a tiny amount of sticky non water soluble varnish in the lungs.

    Additionally other problems from smoking can develop such as irritated sinuses and stomach upset.

    Appreciate the cannabis advocacy but if the facts aren’t kept straight, then anti cannabis people just have more to sling in our direction.

    Eating it is the best way to consume it without having to worry about negative health impact. Additionally, some of the beneficial effects are greater when eaten and not smoked.

  • I agree that no smoke is good for your lungs, but if the cancer inhibiting effects of cannabis lessen the chance of cancer, you still come out on top. Jogging is super bad for your knees, but staying in shape will lengthen your life and let you fight off illness more easily. Examples of things with negative sides having a net benefit are endless.

    Sex is healthy, yet you can get deadly viruses. Drinking unpasteurized juice is healthy, but you run a higher risk of swallowing nasties that can do horrible things to you. Drinking wine has ben prooven to lengthen your life, it has also been proven to kill you dead.

    The paragraph about it being good for your lungs should have been specific about this.

  • Sorry, @9106340a33a2407d63d22e6275300d33:disqus , but if I have to choose between accurately reporting the results of scientific studies and keeping you happy, then I’m going to choose the scientific studies every single time.

    You say “Cannabis smoke is still carcinogenic technically,” but here in the real world, cannabis smoke has been shown in scientific studies, not only to NOT cause cancer, but to exert a PROTECTIVE EFFECT AGAINST IT.

    How the HELL is that “carcinogenic,” even “technically”?

    If you’d spend less time worrying about what “anti cannabis people” might “sling in our direction” and a little more time worrying about the actual scientific findings, maybe you’d feel less compelled to waste time making lame-ass apologies to the status quo, and more time telling the truth.

  • Alec

    Cannabis smokers just happen to be lucky that cannabinoids keep lung cancer from developing because of their anti cancer properties. Cannabis smoke is still carcinogenic technically. Hardy har har.

  • Chris

    There is a newer and larger study out regarding lung function. It concluded the same as Dr. Tashkins study. 5000 people strong and 20 years long.

    jama dot jamanetwork dot com/article.aspx?articleid=1104848

  • SmokyJ

    I agree with you but your a little bias on your facts.. Maybe take things from both sides, such as Pot streches your lungs out and and helps with cancer but it also leaves tiny things in you that can lead to bronchitis.. Its just to Bias for me, good job though

  • Slevin

    Scientific studies have show the earth is heating up and there is global warming. Scientific studies showed cigarettes didn’t cause cancer. Scientific Studies showed the world was once flat. Scientific studies once said the earth is the center of the universe. Scientific studies once said there was no life on mars. Yea… that’s what i’m going to listen too, scientific studies. I cant read half this without thinking you have smoked yourself retarded. There is always some study that will back your belief. Doesn’t make it true.

  • Bob the stoner

    How can getting stoned be good for a pregnant mother? And if you’re high all the time you’re hardly going to be a better worker, some of these facts are just stupid.

  • Stephen Daniel

    Cigarette smoke has polonium 210 in it which is a deadlu radio active element. building a camp fire does not cause cancer.

  • Monica

    I am so happy that someone has made this information available! Now, how do I verify what I just read?

  • bubbany

    after all the studies tests and untruths it has been proven to help cancer and Glaucoma patients the government of old closed minded white men still remain in the dark ages there has to be a way to sue the government to make them change there ways

  • GainesWorthy

    Marijuana is called a gateway drug because it allows you to be introduced to other drugs. Now why is that? Because those other drugs are illegal like marijuana. So you have to go to shady places to get marijuana. More likely to make you gain some shady friends, who smoke with shady people, who do said drugs lead from marijuana. Marijuana is only a gateway drug because it is illegal. All of marijuana’s cons, except the smoke and getting high (If you wanted to be literal), are because marijuana is illegal. The war on drugs has failed.

  • dawnah62

    The only reason marijuana would be a gateway drug is because of all of the lies that are told about it. After you try it you must assume all the other drug stories must be fables too…. lol.

  • Ghost

    The one about the teenager use cannot be used in my opinion. First of all I am all for legalization of marijuana. But you can’t use a study done in another country as hardcore proof. You have to realize they have a different culture. They were not brought up the same as us. I am not exactly sure what their norms are but I would guarantee it is different there. I don’t like using other country data because of that reason. Yes it was a study and it happened to be so in the Netherlands but that doesn’t mean it would hold the same here. I personally think more people will try it. But so what, it is freedom of choice is it not? I wouldn’t advocate anyone under the age of 18 maybe 21 to do it. But if they so choose to do so that is their choice.

  • But they hold the patent ;
    420 & US Cannabis Patent # 6,630,507,000

  • Ghost

    As long as the study is not paid for by the company that wants it done. Like Hershey paid some doctor or whatever company to say chocolate is good for your teeth. But yea the study was paid for by Hershey so it is going to be biased. This isn’t really biased he is going off of facts that he found. Hopefully those studies are not biased.

  • Ghost

    Harder worker while being stoned? That is interesting I guess it would depend on the type of work. What if it was a creative thinking job? Not physical labor type. I mean some strains do get you motivated, Sativa is the one.

  • kris m

    if you pick up a prescription drug from the pharmacy, the packaging typically will say something to the effect of… “your physician has determined the benefits of this drug outweigh the risks”

  • Every single assertion made in this article has a link to material which backs it up.

    Simply click on those links to verify what you just read.

  • I link to the scientific studies which show that marijuana is good for pregnant mothers and their babies, as well as to the scientific studies which show marijuana users to be harder workers.

    It’s unfortunate that you feel that science is “stupid,” while you apparently feel your own opinions, obviously based on ignorance of that science, are somehow perfectly valid.

    You should really educate yourself, and don’t be so proud of your ignorance next time, “Bob the stoner.”

  • The Jamaican workers in Dr. Vera Rubin’s study (you really should read it if you truly want to know) did hard, physical labor, and they worked demonstrably harder at it than their non-toking coworkers.

  • Pot doesn’t “leave tiny things in you that can lead to brochitis”… pot isn’t associated with bronchitis at all, as shown by Dr. Tashkin’s study and others.

  • that and you have to go to a drug dealer to get it in the first place

  • Anonymous

    Ironically enough chocolate (actual cacao beans) is good for your teeth and can prevent cavities (dental caries for you folks across the pond I believe). It’s just the sugar in consumer chocolate goods that rots your teeth.

  • Ignorant bigots will point a finger at “closed minded white men” but anyone with the IQ higher than a tree sloth knows race has nothing to do with this failed war on Cannabis. Grow up dude, put the blame right where it belongs, the Federal Government and the DEA.

  • Jay… How many countries would you need to see a study from before you realize it is quite valid to state that decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis decreases teenage use? Portugal has gone down the same path as The Netherlands with the same success. When Cannabis is legalized the “forbidden fruit” effect no longer applies, it becomes no big deal. There are similar studies for countries that have a lower legal drinking age, same deal, its legal, no big thing. You will see for yourself sir, it is only a matter or time.

  • Choke Signlas

    Whoa. People have said you is hot headed, I guess it’s true.

    I’m talking about the science.

    Smoke is carcinogenic. The components of cannabis smoke are carcinogenic. But because cannabinoids are good at fighting cancer topically, the cancer is defeated as it is being stimulated.

    If you look at the walls of a bong – that is what is also happening to the inside of your chest.

    Any physician or scientist worth their merit would be able to explain to you that eating is the best way to get the benefits of cannabis without any interference with normal respiratory function.

    If you don’t know anyone who has negative side effects from smoking cannabis long term then you’re not paying close enough attention.

    Eating it is also cheaper when prepared properly, it’s a win win method of consumption.

  • Terasa Barker

    The Gateway drug is nicotine, a legal addictive substance. More people start with that drug than any other. Most miss this info because they are blinded by what a drug really is.

  • Terasa Barker

    Smoking cannabis has certainly warded off many asthma attacks in my day. It surely helps the lungs, this I know from personal experience.


    That is the only truth in the claim. A guy who deals weed might have coke or other stuff as well.. I only did weed on a small scale and most guys I know don’t mess with anything else. The other stuff is poison whereas weed is as much of a substance of choice as is alcohol or tobacco. Since medical science is proving herb to be a medical wonder drug – I knew something was especially good about it these past 40 years – and is seemingly a cure for some cancers and other disorders the government is going to give the plant to big pharma companies so they an profit from it and it an be taxed. The good thing about that is it will be legalized and you can grow your own unadulterated herb. I usually have outdoor grows with about 4-6 plants. That’s all it takes if you know how..


    I have had a lot of friends – mainly women – age prematurely from that shit as they smoked 2-3 pack s a day for 30 years. I never did as I stuck with herb and beer. I later made my own beer. 4 simple ingredients.


    A couple of bong hits will cure hiccups. Try it sometime; it relaxes your diaphragm; where hiccups originate. I know this from personal experience.


    I was a brick mason’s apprentice and then became one myself in my older teens and I was usually baked every day. I went to school and got an engineering degree and was baked. I worked for NASA and was baked. It depends on your ability to concentrate and perform physically.

  • Jose Blanco

    Who do you think have been running the Federal Government and DEA, hippies…….

  • karen s

    well NJ an the laws has taken my nursing license after my ex decided he wanted my kids an got me busted for an ounce of pot , while he knew i was grocery shoppin, had my 12 year old let them in while my 14 an a half old son was home too, but because thier Dad called in a child abuse charge they had a right to come in an search my house, they also charged me with 3rd degree child abuse for having it in the house with kids , now im about 2 lose my house that Ive had since I was 21 , an paying taxes out the ass to this Gog awful state with has done nothing but made me not want to get up anymore , i apply at my friends daycare center who knows my EX an that i am not a child abuser, but no, i get fingerprinted an the state saz Im not allowed to work there,, really!! all my education is in elementary education an nursing.. so now what am i supposed to do?? those kids are 24 an 27 now, an this is ruining thier mothers life! along with thier 10 an 11 yr old brothers!! NEW JERSEY STINKS!!

  • karen s

    my husband is a mason an works HARD everyday an if he cant stop fot a few tokes he quits , he swears its the only thing that keeps him motivated!!

  • pebbles Trippet

    Excellent! With each new fact, I’m cheering. You took on the hard ones, driving impaired and marijuana use while pregnant. Cannabinoids are in mother’s milk & in fact facilitate the suckling process. If the baby is unable to absorb the nutrients for lack of endo-cannabinoids, it is here that a cannabinoid deficiency in the mother might hurt the baby. I wonder if this might be related to why some babies are “lacto-intolerant”.

  • STILL, statistical studies do show that those who smoke only marijuana have less incidence of lung cancer than those who do not sole anything. I like the part about ingesting hemp. It was drunk as haoma in ancient Persia. You can remove the water soluble alkaloids first and just use the cannabinoids. But the truth is the truth, so you will have to change that part of your rant. Even smoking pot, (yeccch) is good for you!

  • tina mommy

    First get pregnant and then ask yourself if it’s right for you…

  • Steve Anderson

    The ‘failed’ War On Drugs has sure been a whopping $uccess for those industries that are committing fraud by engaging in and promoting Prohibition, the Cotton Industry, the Fossil Fuel Industry, the Plastics and Solvents Industry, the Alcohol and Tobacco Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Private Prison Industry, to name but a few…

  • gonzo007


  • gonzo007


  • johnny d

    well you can’t grow your own tobacco (or brew your own alcohol) without going through an act of congress itself. I can understand alcohol being regulated to an extent, because of the hazardous parts of the brew. But just imagine what type of regulations and laws our “great nation” will impose on it once it is legal, just to keep it out of our hands further and to lace their pockets deeper.

    Instead of doing the proactive thing….like finding what non renewable resources we can replace it with to create a cheaper, better product.

    But that is where we run into our primary issue.

    Tobacco , Alcohol, and Lumber industries contribute to the hindering of our Pursuit of Happiness.

    Forget separation of church and state,
    how about separation of greed and state.

    Next thing you know, they will be taxing subsistence farmers to the point it wouldn’t be worth it to grow the crops. Sort of in comparison to the whole insurance scheme. Well if you guys don’t buy food from vendors like everyone else, then the cost of food goes up for everyone! oh noes!

    They see us as a number. But what they do not realize is that numbers make equations.

  • tloco11

    i like to think walgreens, cvs,and other pharmacies,,as the drug dealers !!

  • jcalex

    And who do those that Protect & Serve believe…right! They seem to be coming out of the woodwork.Maybe they are not real people,those that Protect & Serve.

  • jcalex

    “Marijuana is good for your driving. Fight back with the facts”….ha ha Man! It`s like Cruse Control

  • jcalex

    They badmouth Pot for the same reasons they think man can survive without Honey Bees..,and Cancer is a Big Business.They don`t want us to grow the cure in our back yards…Hell No they don`t!

  • Johnny

    You ever seen Reefer Madness??? Ever hear of Harry Anslinger or Randolph Hearst, How about Richard Nixon?? Marijuana prohibition was created by “closed minded white men”. The people being busted for marijuana related crimes today are disproportionately black and hispanic. Im white by the way, before you accuse me of being racist. If you dont believe me look it up.

  • Erothe Blessing

    actually… nicotine is the natural part of tobacco. and is really just as safe as pot. its everything else thats put into cigarettes that make them so unsafe and addictive. i.e., sugar, formaldehyde, and arsenic… just to name a couple that are most familiar to the public. but the nicotine is only 10% of what you’re inhaling, no matter what length or brand of cigarette you happen to be smoking. Native Americans actually thought of tobacco as a sacred herb… it wasnt nearly as lethal before the government regulated it and allowed companies to modify it for better profit.

  • Erothe Blessing

    im almost 8 months pregnant. i smoked pot for the first 5. and i quite because my doctor recommended it as the best thing i could do for my baby. i didnt – and still dont – agree with that, but i stay off it because ive had multiple people tell me that if my baby tests positive for thc when she’s born “they” will deem me an unfit mother and wont let me leave the hospital with my baby in my arms… this is the most stressful part of my pregnancy, especially when the hormones kick in and i cry/laugh/get angry/etc. for no reason known to me. mj has always been a mood stabilizer for me and without it i feel like im going crazy. but the threat of not being able to raise my own daughter because i smoked nothing but pot during my pregnancy has me dealing with it. and the whole time im wondering if the government actually has the right to take my kid from me before ive even gotten to know her!!!?? ive been smoking pot unscripted and recreationally for over 6 years, without incident. this is my first ever pregnancy. how is smoking pot evidence that im unfit to raise my daughter after going from being homeless for 2 years to being in a house with a man who truly loves me and my unborn child and wants nothing but the best for bothe of us??? its been too long, and i would really like some answers… if anyone has anything helpful to say, please say it!!

  • monkeydoddle

    hey i got quick question has anyone ever tried dosing someone in cannabinoids, like the ones that we dont count to getting high or even a few and attacking a cancer tumor, ie… iv dip, scheduled vapourisor inhale, some form of slow release cannibinoid something to be left inside where is to have the desired effect of allowing the body to run on cannibinoids as are endocannibinoid system is no longer adequate to battle new environmental changes(i aint no tree hugger).

    it is proven in mice that removing the endocannibinoid system cause’s uncontrolled tumor regulation, this system is basic in its use”s going back to earth”s earliest ancestor”s literally, especially with a form that cannot be survived(of cancer) from.

    maybe not in north america but lots of other places out there might, worth a try, just wondering

  • Don Landis

    It’s STILL the nicotine that is the addictive ingredient, Erothe.

  • quencher


  • LadyCloud3d

    I was a “toking mother” while pregnant (still am).. I didn’t do it just because I wanted to.. I had a pretty rough pregnancy. I was sick all day, every day. My doctor prescribed me 2 different things, neither worked.. I couldn’t keep ANYthing down, not even water. It got to the point where I was throwing up blood. I quit smokin for about a month & I was miserable & SO hungry & dehydrated. I ended up in the er about 4 times.. I was open with my doc about smoking.. She said “well I can imagine it gives you an appetite”. This made me angry. Hello, I’m pregnant! I have a huge appetite, but nothing would stay down!!.. Anyways, my daughter was born with traces of it in her system of course.. Pediatrician came in n checked for withdrawl symptoms but as I already knew, there were none.. She weighed 7lb 6.6oz.. Pretty damn normal weight for a first born. She is now 3 & is, always has been, ahead of kids her age. She is a very intelligent little girl, I couldn’t be more proud…. Anyways, a few months after she was born, a friend of my mothers had her baby. She had been smoking meth her whole pregnancy. Cps took that baby right away, no questions asked.. Sooo I think that goes to show we are def making progress in revealing the truth about marijuana.

  • miles

    If you want to see how the govt. have tried to control our thoughts on this plant,just watch ”reefer madness”……..

  • LadyCloud3d

    Hey hun, I just posted a comment about my smoking during my pregnancy, I would’ve made it a reply to yours had I seen it first (posted as LadyCloud3d).. I’d say don’t worry about it but I know no matter whats said, you will worry until the day she is born & you know for sure nothing bad will happen (them taking your child). When they told me they were sending the pediatrician in to check her for withdrawal symptoms, though I knew she had none cuz she had been in my arms or by my side since I pushed her out. Lol. I still started crying out of worry. As I already knew, he seen there were no bad signs & left us alone. I believe they’re much more open about marijuana now & are truly just looking for the hard drugs.

  • Kronique

    You can make alcohol for your own personal needs. You can’t sell it, give it to minors or consume it outside your home. I think it’s up to 3 gal a year or something like that.

  • Brown Sugar

    I try my best to show people the truth, just some are to stupid to listen to the truth. Marijuana only causes good things to happen, not bad.

  • Win

    Plus many foreign chemicals are also addictive.

  • Ygg

    Not sure what you mean by “other stuff”. If you’re including psychedelics with the “other stuff”, I disagree. Most of the other stuff we could likely do without. Even so, I object to all general drug bans. You do not “regulate” a substance by abandoning the market to the criminal element in society, that much should be clear by now.

  • Matthew Ebner

    O my God the scurge of marijuana is upon us were all going to go mad and start destroying every thing that is decent to us all and making war on our brothers!

  • Antonio

    The thing is the younger you start is what usually makes you lazy, once you are older and smoke everything is easier.

  • Pitchman101

    Your right Jonny. And I’m white as well.

  • Vicky Swycinsky

    roll your own, now is tobacco still natural and safe? It’s the additives of the tobacco companies that put it in the tobacco and now your smoking who knows what.

  • Vicky Swycinsky

    I have smoked both MJ and Cigarettes, my lung function is better then most because I smoke MJ.

  • Vicky Swycinsky

    How can eating MJ be cheaper then smoking it, you have to use large quantities to make MJ brownies or whatever?

  • Vicky Swycinsky

    They were happier as a person. MJ helps negative attitutdes. If I were baked at work I can tell you I would be alot happier being there. LMFAO

  • Michael

    Marijuana is a gateway to cocaine, heroin, and meth the same way milk is a gateway to beer, wine, and wiskeyo.

  • Tha Jonster

    the one smiling while the others just look like confused little robots.

  • Tha Jonster

    There is a difference between smoking and “getting stoned”. Many tend to simply medicate and I know many people who are simply more productive and focused with a little herb-buzz than with common anxiety going through their minds. And if the study indicates that mothers who smoke are having smarter healthier infants I think that’s important. If you want to argue with the facts of the study bring facts of your own, not just shallow opinions based on preconceptions espoused from corporate ‘merikuh.

  • Robert Ireland

    200 gallons per household

  • Robert Ireland

    first off the majority of cannabis AND so called other stuff is manufactured here at home in the US. except opiates and cocaine

  • Robert Ireland

    plus, the so called pushers or drug dealers are not the gang bangers and criminals they are portrayed as. they are mostly good people, your friends and neighbors. the negative ideas are all created by the politicians and the cops and it is total bullwash

  • Abolish Holders OftheLight

    The federal medicinal marijuana scientific research tells us that cannabis grown to contain a minimum of 0.87% Canna-bidiol content, makes it free of any negative effects of Tetrahydro-cannabinol, like Anxiety, paranoia , and more severe things with prolonged use of improperly grown cannabis like THC induced psychosis.

  • Peter Pimentel

    With regard to “exit drug”, I often share my experience of getting off a 40 year nicotine addiction. Smoking Cannabis still let me “smoke” so I was able to at least satiate that piece of the addiction/habit/use of tobacco. Come July, it will be 4 years.

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