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Created By: Criminal Law Office of Michael S. Rothman

This infographic illustrates how people, especially minorities, are being put in prison at incredibly high rates for simple marijuana possession.

It also shows how that money could be better used, rather than spending government time, money, and resources putting people behind bars for cannabis possession.

The next time a teacher is laid off, a library closes, or a bad road damages your car, think about how the money spent enforcing current cannabis laws could be used on those things instead.

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  • John H Johnson III

    I notice how almost no one talks about the
    decriminalization of the cultivation cannabis… After all where does the
    cannabis come from that they posses? I think we should abandon all legalization
    and decriminalization efforts and end prohibition completely by treating the
    plant no different than corn and wheat by repealing all cannabis laws both
    state and federal with a constitutional amendment prohibiting the plant in any
    way besides sales but even then there should be reasonable fines for violating
    the regulation of sales at the state level. I didn’t include anything about
    minors because the plant does not cause any harm to kids and parents should be
    able to self-medicate their children just like when they give them vitamin C or
    E. The brain damage nonsense has been not only debunked but reverse with the
    recent articles about how the teen with a tumor was helped from cannabis
    because of the plant’s neurogenesis properties.

  • Jeremy Rawley

    Why not use some of the money saved to fund NASA? We can’t keep hitching rides on Russia’s Soyuz capsules to and from the International Space Station forever. We need a homegrown replacement for the now-retired space shuttle to get our astronauts into space.

  • yokeddruid

    congress will just find some dumbass study to blow the money on like
    $112 Million: On fraudulent tax reimbursements to prisoners.$5 Million: On a three week conference for the FAA. Treadmills for shrimp: $3 million. $2.9 Million: On a study of World of Warcraft and other computer games.$2.9 Million: On a study of World of Warcraft and other computer games.2 Million: On a study about posting pictures online.$1.5 Million: On new toilets for Denali National Park that’s for 35 toilets. $1.5 Million: On a laundry-folding robot.$1 Million: On a study about baby names.13.6 billion in false claims for Earned Income Tax Credits in 2012. 1.5 billion to keep the lights on in unused and underutilized federal buildings7 billion dollars of military equipment being destroyed because troops are being pulled out of Afghanistan

  • John H Johnson III

    Oh I meant that we need “a constitutional amendment prohibiting the states or federal government itself from prohibiting the plant in way besides sales

  • http://plus.google.com/+OleOlson novenator

    End this costly, destructive prohibition!

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